Corsair's Selling Pre-Built PCs Now

Image: Corsair

Given that the market for enthusiast PC gaming is still growing, it makes sense that more manufacturers would be getting into the pre-built PC market.

Corsair these days is traditionally known for their RAM, keyboards and other peripherals, but they've taken a stab at other parts of the hardware market before. Not everything has paid off - the Corsair Lapdog was a nice idea with flawed execution - but according to a print ad that has appeared recently, the company is jumping even further into pre-built PCs.

Called the "Corsair ONE" in the image above, the company hasn't released many details save to say that it's "a machine built from the ground up to power anything and everything you love to do". The picture shows that it's a relatively small-sized unit, along with The Witcher 3 running on an ultrawide screen monitor.

It's likely that a decent GPU is powering all of this, especially given the fact that Corsair teamed up with MSI recently to release a liquid-cooled GTX 1080. We'll keep you posted as to whether the Corsair ONE is coming to Australia, and how much it'll cost, when we know more.


    What is up with that dude's head rest?

    Being corsair I'm sure it will look great. I have one of their keyboard and it's a seriously impressive unit. But I also bought their speakers, the SP-2500's and they discontinued them. My volume button broke and contacting customer support, less than a month out of warranty... let me just say that they left me in no confusion about where to go. The hell away from them. They were very rude. When you pay $300 for a set of speakers that was a little disappointing. Especially after my previous experiences with Logitech, who were just amazing with their support.

    Which would have me hesitating before buying a whole rig from them. How long are they going to support it for?

      I bought a Corsair case a few years ago with a built in fan controller which did not take long to fail. They sent a replacement as it was still in the warranty period but guess what.. failed again! Another friend got another of their cases and while it looked really impressive and was sturdy as hell, it was also hot as hell. I was quite surprised as their RAM and PSU's have always been rock solid. Can't be great at everything, I suppose!

        Yeah. My first corsair keyboard failed too but i (stupidly) waited until after the warranty period to contact them. They told me where to go. That's their right though, it was after warranty but it still wasn't great.

        I have one of their cases and it's really nice, but the whole experience has put me off making any more sizable investments on corsair gear.

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