Discover The Ancient History Of Supernatural Cats In An Excerpt From Angel Catbird Vol. 2

Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain's Angel Catbird was one of the most delightful comics of last year, introducing us to the wild, weird world of superpowered cat-bird-people and beyond. The second volume in the series hit shelves this week, and to celebrate, we have a delightful preview.

Angel Catbird's debut last year left us on the verge of a massive war between cat-hybrids and rat-hybrids — a conflict that will see Angel Catbird himself, scientist-turned-hero (turned cat-bird-man) Strig Feleedus and his gang venture to the deepest heart of Transylvania to... well, Castle Catula, of course. What, were you not expecting a cat pun?

Check out an excerpt from the volume below, which sees Count Catula himself — Dracula's cat! — reveal his origin story, alongside who else but Nefertiti, former Egyptian queen and current ancient half-cat being. Stuff is getting downright whimsical in this series.

Angel Catbird's second volume is available now.


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