Hugh Jackman Brings It In The Logan Super Bowl Spot

Hugh Jackman Brings It In The Logan Super Bowl Spot

We could not be more excited for Logan, the R-rated return to the X-Universe starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. And the latest look at the film just solidifies that.

Here’s the Logan Super Bowl spot.

Logan opens March 2.


  • Fox ruins everything, would be so much more pumped if it actually had the proper Oldman Logan cast.

          • Hmm i was referring to the character itself.

            You you remember wolverine:origins by any chance.

          • Yes absolutely. Now do you remember that was around a decade ago, by a different director? Do you remember James Mangolds “The Wolverine”, which was far superior (but not perfect), then do you remember Deadpool? The single movie that’s caused a giant directional change in Foxes plan for their franchises? I don’t have much faith in Fox in general, at all. However in terms of this particular movie I do.

            They credit Deadpool directly with why this movie is getting made. A far lower budget than both The Wolverine and Origins, Hugh took a massive paycut to even get it made. Add to that, an American R rating granted for it meaning they could finally put in the content they’d wanted to for a long time (check the redband trailer). The differences are already apparent in the redband trailer, this ones actually a labour of love, while the others were pushed out as part of the machine to cash in.

      • Bloke, when you hold 21.43% success rate with movies like Fox does (I am being pretty generous at 3 out of 14 released titles being even slightly decent), I think we can say that Deadpool does not make up for the pile of stinking shit that is the 20th Century Fox MCU.

        Unless you have the worlds shortest memory like Waffleking, there is no way you could argue that its unnatural to think that this movie is gonna suck balls.

        • Xmen, Xmen 2, Xmen First Class, Xmen DOFP, The Wolverine, Deadpool? Those are generally rated as Fox’s high points. I get you’ve got personal taste but in terms of critical reception and overall acceptance, it’s actually 6, just saying. Let’s not be silly and try to rewrite history here.

          • They aren’t good movies though, they are examples of what star power does for a brand. Pretty much every movie that has Jackman in it is pretty much given bonus (in reviews) points just for being in there, same can be said for McAvoy and try as they might Lawrence to a lesser extent.

            Deadpool is their only good movie and people remember the first Xmen because it was in a year where its main action movie opponents were Gladiator and M:I2.

          • These points you put forward however are purely opinion. Structurally, from a storypoint view, they’re strong. Character wise, they’re well written and unlike the other movies and are definitely improvements over the others. Xmen 2 is widely held as a drastic improvement over the first Xmen due to the widening scope of the xmen universe, plus Wolverines widening backstory, improved effects and deeper characters. Xmen 3 was critically panned because it lacked all of these. First Class rectified this by delivering all of this in spades for example. DOFP delivered again. Then Apocalypse shot this all to hell delivering something akin to Xmen 3.

            You really have to decide, you say they have 3 good movies, then ‘Deadpool is their only good movie’. Which is it?

          • Of course when you slip to badly masked passive aggressive insults the conversation is of course over, have a good one.

  • Still getting a huge Last of Us vibe from this film, looks good either way though.
    Get the feeling it’s going to completely ruin any remaining timeline continuity they had though so hopefully it’ll be good enough to stand on its own.

  • Wait, March 2nd?! I thought it was releasing on the 3rd.
    Well, now I won’t have to worry about deciding between Logan or Zelda. 😛

  • My god! ESPN overplayed the Logan commercial spot during the game. I’m hyped for the movie, but sick of the trailer.

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