Humble’s Freedom Bundle Has Raised Over $US5 Million

Humble’s Freedom Bundle Has Raised Over $US5 Million

With an offering as jam-packed as the Freedom Bundle, it’s not a surprise to see Humble Bundle raise a few million.

All proceeds from the bundle, which includes a suite of games like Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Mini Metro, The Witness and more, are being donated to Doctors Without Borders, the American Civil Liberties Union and the International Rescue Committee.

Humble announced they would match donations up to $US300,000, but that’s a drop in the pond now with the overall donation total sitting at $US5,020,999.

The bundle’s still available for the next three days, although anyone who buys in now won’t get codes for Subnautica, which are sadly sold out. There’s still plenty of other titles though, including Chroma Squad, the System Shock pack from retro wizards Night Dive Studios, and the other 45 plus games. Go check it out.


  • Last night I went through my folders of Humble Bundle games and god damn there’s a lot of crap there I haven’t even touched. Makes me feel like I should hold off on this 😛

    • I did exactly the same except for the bit where I hold off on this. 😛

      It was already great value, but they added about a dozen new titles to it yesterday and it pushed me over the edge. I’d say worth it just for The Witness and Starview Valley. Plus you’re making a significant donation to charity at the same time.

  • Bought it yesterday morning without checking if Subnautica was sold out and sadly missed out on it. Still lots of other good games in the bundle though but was really excited for giving that a go based on a friend’s recommendation.

    If anyone has a spare key I’d be happy to relieve you of that burden 😉

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