New Humble Indie Bundle Unveiled!

The last Humble Indie Bundle was a resounding success, raising over US$2 million, but now a new Humble Indie Bundle has been announced and things are a little different. To begin with, it really isn't a bundle at all...

In fact the only game you get in this Humble Indie Bundle is the completely awesome Frozen Synapse - but there is a twist. Pay more than the average donation - which is sitting at $4.39 at the moment - and you also get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which features Trine, Shadowgrounds Survivor, and Shadowgrounds. Also part of the package is Splot and Jack Claw - two games currently in development which will unlock when they're complete.

As always - a totally stellar deal.



    Bought it an hour ago, haven't tried the game yet. The Frozenbyte bundle extra isn't usefull to me because I've gotten every HIB(etc.) so far.

    Also, something else worth mentioning.
    John Graham, one of the co-founders of the Humble Bundle, in his email to me, also added this little tid-bit:

    "Humble Bundle is known for upping the ante on customers throughout the promotion, so stay tuned."

    Take what you want from that little line, but, as with past bundles, it looks as though more will be added at a later date.

    People who purchase now, as always, should be entitled to whatever bonus they come out with down the track - just be sure you pay over the average (4.41usd at the time of writting) to make sure you get whatever extras they come out with down the track!!!

    Please, PLEASE support these guys and buy their bundles, the money goes to some great causes and helps support indie devs who are among the only devs still producing kick-ass and original material.

    Awww, I already have all of these. I can recommend it as a fun investment(like the bundle is ever anything else), though.

      maybe pay the average and gift it to a friend ;)

    Where is ma Trine 2 Frozenbyte.

    My entire Steam library consists of nothing but the various Humble Bundles.

    (with Portal1&2/TF2 thrown in somewhere)

    Already got the Frozenbyte bundle, I might gift them (is that possible to give the frozenbyte bundle seperately?)

    How do people split their purchase? I give all mine to child's play....

      I give 100% to the developers, then go and make a donation to a charity of my choice. Usually Save the Children.

      I'm not a fan of Child's Play. I barely consider it a charity. If you're in hospital in the USA or some other developed nation you're better off than over 90% of the world, even if you are sick. At least you're getting treatment.

      I'd rather my money went to saving a starving child or freeing them from slavery.

        having spent a huge amount of time in hosptials as a vistor over the last few years, I think child play is an excellent idea. Look at things like Starlight that run all of those events to cheer kids up.

        just giving them something fun to do.

    paid $25 so i think money well spent (even though i haven't played a single video game in about 2 months)

    How can you go wrong? Helping people and getting some great games for a bargain price. You'd be stupid not too, I'm more then happy to pay above the average for this and you should be too. :)

    Damn you Kotaku!!! Now I have been kept up all night playing Frozen Synapse! .. and now i can't get any work done because i'm just too busy, playing Frozen Synapse!

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