Japanese Wrestling Photos That Look Photoshopped, But Aren't

[Image: goldberg0902 | MrYMD42 | kgario86]

This week, a tag appeared on Twitter for wrestling photos that look so unreal you'd think they had to be Photoshopped.

The tag reads #クソコラじゃないのにクソコラに見えるプロレス画像 or basically, "Even though they're not crap Photoshops, pro wrestling images that appear 'shopped."

As a rule of thumb, professional wrestling is filled with colourful characters and wild moments. Japanese pro wrestling is no exception.

Here are some highlights:

And finally.


    Haha! Japan is so awesome.


    Also, butt sniffing...

    ...and R2-C3P0 tag-team!

    I was wondering 'what on earth is going on there.....?'

    Then realized they sealed him in a bag and are sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner.

    That can't be a legal move...

    Ibushi and Omega's matches against that blow up doll are fucking insane and everyone should go watch them right now.

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