Man Plans To Play Dark Souls Wearing A Shock Collar

Sometimes people tell me that Dark Souls players are masochistic, and I shake my head and laugh.

Then someone comes along and announces plans to Twitch stream themselves playing Dark Souls with a collar that provides a three second electric shock every time they die.

Okay. So that's pretty hard to argue with.

His Twitch username is Itshample and he announced his intentions to go through with this bizarre feat on the Dark Souls subreddit.

Here are his rules:

— Every time I chug an estus I get a shock lasting 1 second

— Everytime I die I get a shock lasting 3 seconds

— Everytime I use a humanity I get shocked for 3 seconds

— I am allowed to use bonfires and divine blessings without being shocked (My build won't involve miracles)

— I am only allowed to use 1 phantom max for a boss

— I am allowed toilet breaks since I will be drinking beer

— I am allowed one free death and one free estus with bosses

— I am allowed to use whatever build I want as long as it isn't based around cheesing with a bow

— No drake sword

One free Estus with bosses? WEEEAAAAAAAAK.

(I am joking. Dear God I am joking.)

He is planning to wear this dog collar. To be honest this makes me feel better about the whole situation. If we're using them to give dogs electric shocks for peeing on the carpet, it might be okay to shock human beings for slugging Estus whilst fighting Ornstein & Smough.

On the flip side, extreme Twitch streams might be in bad taste right now, considering what happened this week. I hope this streamer kicks this off knowing that he should stop if things get a bit difficult or weird.

The stream is kicking off at 6am this Sunday AET. I'm honestly not sure if I want to watch this.


    He will clearly have the dog collar attached to the wrong part of his body.

    Last edited 23/02/17 11:37 am

    People will do absolutely anything for views. What a narcissistic world we're creating.

    Ok everyone I am going to stream myself eating dog crap every time I miss a chord on Guitar Hero. I haven't played the game in like 8 years so enjoy.

    It didn't seem too bad until I read the whenever he uses a Flask/Humanity bit.

    Doing Dark Souls without dying once you have a lot of experience isn't too bad, doing it without healing is ridiculous.

      What about all the no hit runs? My friend is a little above average at Dark Souls 3 (his first souls not counting bloodborne) and he regularly does no healing boss fights

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