Police Evacuate Sydney's Apple Store

Evacuation reports at Sydney's George St Apple store are coming in, with up to six police cars blocking the store on all sides. The Rebel Sport store underneath the Apple store has not been evacuated.

Update 1:36pm AEST: It is believed that a workplace accident is responsible for the store being temporarily closed, according to a worker in a nearby building.

Update: 1:50pm AEST: Minutes after police entered the building with a dog, the store was re-opened to the public.

Update: The store has now reopened, no news as to what the cause of the closure was as yet.

We are investigating further. This story is developing.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo


    I know stock of the iPhone is often artificially kept low but doing this just to get one is a bit silly.


    Police are cracking down on the criminal pricing?

      Someone called shenanigans.

        "Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall and the mozzarella sticks?"

        I received no such call.

        And the cops just arrived with their brooms.

      Would be nice, but it has to be illegal first.

      Criminal to us, but not to the law.

    Someone lost a dongle

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