Final Fantasy 15’s First DLC Pits Gladio Against Gilgamesh

If you, like many Final Fantasy 15 players, have been wondering just what happened to Gladiolus when he mysteriously left your party in Chapter 6, here’s your answer: Episode Gladiolus, which comes out on March 28. Over the weekend, the developers at Square Enix released more info about the DLC as well as a new trailer (above) teasing Gladio’s battle with the recurring Final Fantasy villain Gilgamesh.

Also, you may want turn off the trailer at 1:30, because Square Enix stuck a pretty big spoiler at the end. It appears the publisher just won’t stop spoiling major parts of their games before we even have a chance to play them.


  • Was going to say “Gilgamesh and Gladio at Eos” as a play on “Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk” but realised very few people would get the original reference (except @wisehacker maybe).

        • With respect, you haven’t played the DLC yet, you can’t know if knowing Gilgamesh is involved spoils the story or not. Spoilers aren’t just ‘information about something’, otherwise almost anything would be a spoiler, including the DLC’s name.

          • I see where you are coming from but it would just be nice to have a title like “Squeenix release trailer for Episode Gladio, details inside.”

  • I haven’t played FFXV, but should knowing why a key character briefly disappears in the middle of the game not be explained in said game? Not some DLC? Seems like a really bullshit move by Square Enix. Or lazy writing. Or both.

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