Here's Nearly Six Minutes Of Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer

Image: Youtube

If you wanted to know more about how the wave and objective-based multiplayer missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda functions, here's almost six minutes with plenty of info.

The video posted this morning goes into detail about the weaponry, rewards you get for winning, different skill types, weapons, skill upgrades, and more. There's also a breakdown of some of the maps and missions you'll be able to expect when Andromeda goes live on March 23. (Unless you have EA Access, in which case you'll get 10 hours with the game starting later this week.)


    Sweet! Although I'm going to miss running away from multiple screaming Banshees...

    Please don't let it be too micro transaction focused, because it's looking pretty sweet.

      It was pretty micro transaction focused on ME3, but you seemed to earn enough to get by without paying.

        True, I never paid for anything and was still doing well (top 100 in the country apparently). My mate made it into the top 3 because that's basically all he played 24/7. Lol

    Only one question; will it have dedicated servers?

      No, they have already confirmed it's peer to peer multiplayer

    So hyped for the MP in this game - I still miss my ME3 Batarian Vanguard though

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