Here’s 17 Minutes Of A Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

Here’s 17 Minutes Of A Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

And there’s no spoilers, so don’t worry.

The footage was uploaded overnight by IGN in 4K/60fps, if you’ve got the internet connection to support it. It’s a loyalty mission with Peebee, and shows off some of the combat, skill trees, and environments.

The combat in Andromeda is looking real nice – or at least, a lot better than the previous Mass Effect games. But if you want to find out more about that, check out Hayley’s hands-on with the game below.

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  • Character body animations look great, you notice it as the main character is running on uneven surfaces it compensates well but im not a fan of the female Ryder face model, just doesnt feel natural with the facial animations (or lack of) but wearing a helmet should fix that.

    Im still not a fan of the unlimited ammo thing, hated that about ME1 but its certainly not a deal breaker

    • well good thing is you can choose

      use guns with ammo or use guns without ammo but with a CD. marrying best of both world which is great in my books

    • I think I read the ammo’s different for each “brand” of gun. There are guns that use the ME1 ammo system, guns that use the thermal clip system from 2 and charge-based guns. Sounds quite interesting

    • Yah, she seems a little cartoonish. And personally, I think she’s way too happy-go-lucky.
      But hey, people like that exist irl, so whatever.

    • To be fair, and this is not from an objectification standpoint at all, but the default female Shepard face in the previous trilogy was real rough as well. Especially compared to the care taken with the male Shepard face, which looked far more real.

  • Something I started thinking about the other day was that this title seems to have less “heart” (I know its lame to say) than the previous titles. It will be interesting to see how they will make us care for characters like we did in the previous games.

    I may or may not have teared up a little bit at Legion and Mordins endings.

    • Yep totally see where you’re coming from. I agree. Those trailers for the first game, I must have watched them 100+ times. I’m really looking forward to this game too, but going into it with expectations that it’ll be good, but doesn’t have to live up to the previous three. For me I think i’ll just miss that universe (i guess i should say galaxy) where humans were an established part of the mix.

  • I’m just going to refer to those Observer things as Engineers.

    Also, that active cover doesn’t look like it works great…

  • Wow, that dialogue writing was absolutely terrible. The main character sounds like a tween webcomic character from Questionable Content. The voice actress doesn’t help either. Aside from the person playing the game being really bad, which is fine, the voice acting and dialogue was abysmal.
    I’m really going to need to know what the male main character voice actor sounds like. I was thinking of playing this as the female for once, but after this video not a chance.

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