It's A Good Thing The Nintendo Switch Has Arms

Image: Youtube (u/Nintendo)

Not having even just a port of Wii Sports for the Nintendo Switch's launch was a shame. But on the bright side, the Switch does have Arms.

When I previewed the Switch in January, it wasn't Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart that took me by surprise. It was Arms: a game about punching your opponent and dodging wildly, while you made a fist with the Joycons in your hands. The mechanics of it took a little getting used to, but it was immediately entertaining. And it was the one Switch game that replicated the physical element that made Wii Sports so addictive, without being excessively gimmicky (see: 1-2 Switch).

Earlier this morning, Nintendo lifted the lid on more of the characters and weapons that will come with Arms, which is due out in the autumn. The characters are probably more crucial though. Ribbon Girl can double-jump in mid-air, Ninjara can warp while blocking, and Master Mummy recharges health while guarding.

Playing Arms on the go might not be as practical as Mario Kart or Breath of the Wild. But when it comes to something that recaptures the infectious spirit that the Wii had, Arms might be it.


    So the Switch has arms, but does it have a leg to stand on too?

    I'm here all week. Try the fish.

      Just the one. It could really do with a second on the other side though. Ffs Nintendo.

    Can you REACH out to someone for a release date please?

    It's a STRETCH but Spring if the US guy is talking about it means around now, right?

    I know you work for the Aussie JOINT but perhaps it's already announced somewhere?

    Please don't ELBOW me...

      That was really HUMERUS.

      I don't know if you inTENDONed for it to be that funny.

      You've got a fantastic GRIP on comedy if you did.

      Gotta be careful though, this thread could easily SPIRAL out of control.

        That's a real responsibility I have to SHOULDER.

        Having to come up with gags at this hour really is the PITS.

        I have to really go out on a LIMB.

        However, BICEP'TING this challenge, I hope I've hit your FUNNY BONE.

    I really like the look of this game, it's the kind of thing that's instantly accessible but probably has plenty of hidden depth. I hope there's a lot more of it we haven't seen though, otherwise I can see it getting old quickly.

    Looking forward to seeing one of these characters in a new smash game.

    Can you play it with normal control too?

      Yes they confirmed you can use a Pro Controller or Joycon Grip to play it as well.

    I'm pretty keen for this game but I'm gonna have to hold off until I see how it works with the Defective left Joy-con, as it stands I can't move more than 80cm from my Docked Switch and if there's so much as a piece of paper between the J-con and the console Link starts running of his own mind.

      This looks to be a manufacturing issue - have you taken it in to be replaced? My local EB has said they have had very few across the state - but have been replacing them when faulty.

      My Pro Controller was faulty and thought it was the same hardware issue - but no.

        so it's not a design fault by Nintendo? I thought it was due to the antenna placement in the left Joy-con?

          Nah, there was some mess up during manufacturing. They will fix them. I'm totally getting mine sorted before this game comes out. Hopefully they offer it with another set of joy cons, for a discount, $120 is a big much. Kind of kicking myself for not picking up another pair from Big W for around $90 at launch.

    i love my switch but the framework issues are slightly dissapointing.
    can even see the framerate issues in these videos. yes.. i know its alpha footage. but still.. you know it won't improve considering the zelda issues.

    When this first got shown I just thought it was Wii boxing but it looks like it's got a good amount of depth to it or at least enough for it to not get dull quickly.

    I've been looking for a game to play some local multiplayer on, this should fit nicely.

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