Snacktaku Eats Peeps Oreos, Turns Pink

Now thats it's finished tasting game cartridges, Snactaku moves on to something slightly more edible. We were unsure about the Easter-themed combination of Marshmallow Peeps and Oreo cookies, but now we are completely certain our entire digestive tract is currently bright pink.

There are two very valid reasons to be wary of Nabisco's latest co-branded cookie product. For one, the last time they tried a stunt like this we got Swedish Fish Oreos, which ruined us for both things for quite some time.

Second, look at the colour.

How much of that pink would you say is the natural colour of marshmallow creme? Nabisco's packed enough Red 3 into these things to take down a dozen Death Stars. They're so artificially coloured that after eating just one cookie, we were also artificially coloured.

No our natural tongue colour.

We've heard reports from completely reliable internet sources that people who've eaten more than the recommended serving size of Peeps Oreos have unwittingly transformed their digestive tract into the machine that turns chickens into chicken nugget goop.

That's why Peeps Oreos are lucky they taste good. The pink creme is appropriately speckled with sugar crystals, simulating the sugar-coated nature of Easter's favourite non-egg candy. Combined with the light sweetness of the vanilla Oreo cookie, the not-quite marshmallow offers a flavour that's not unlike those not-quite-marshmallows found inside racier breakfast cereals.

What? I like pink.

That flavour profile also makes them particularly tasty when dunked in milk. It's like a handful of wet cereal in your mouth, only described in a much more palatable way. Use your imagination.

Ultimately, your enjoyment of Peeps Oreos hinges on your appreciation of the colour pink. There are other, more colorfast ways to get a similar taste. Do you want your mouth look like the Easter Bunny visited?

Here at Snacktaku, we're big fans of the colour pink for various reasons. It's soothing, pleasant and quite pretty, depending on the shade. Peeps Oreos are all of these things, and so Nabisco gets a point in the win column.

Plus they match Snacktaku's wife's hair.

Snacktaku wouldn't let her stop eating cookies until we got the right photo. We got the right photo.


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