Taking The Battle To The Burning Legion In World Of Warcraft Update 7.2

World of Warcraft's massive Tomb of Sargeras update went live this week, giving players a chance to unlock the new Broken Shore zone and punch the demon invaders right in the junk. Here's a quick look at how to do that when you're a warlock who's forgotten how to warlock.

I've been neglecting my gnome warlock for some months now, and that's why I decided to take her through the Broken Shore event. It had nothing to do with already going through on two characters I like more but somehow not recording any audio. That would be stupid.

Upon logging in post update 7.2, characters of the proper level, like my rogue and druid, who may have gone through first, are given a quest to lead the army of Legionfall to Broken Shore to end the invasion of Azeroth once and for all. Eventually, that is. First we have to establish a beachhead.

Archmage Khadgar awaits us in Dalaran, ready to deploy us to the front. Who died and made him boss? Several people, really. Sad. Moving on.

The event begins with players flying down to the Broken Shore zone to thin the demonic forces crawling over the beach like giant ants. It's a simple matter of killing enough things to make the meter go from no per cent to all of the percents.If you're a warlock who has forgotten how to warlock, just spam dots. Even the one that's permanent until the target falls. Spam all the dots.

What's more refreshing after grinding a horde of demons than a boss battle? Lord Kalgorath or whatever here would be quite intimidating if not for the horde of NPC characters that follow you through much of this event. I'd suggest standing back and spamming dots.

Once big red is down, it's on to the plains of glowing green shit, where we must fill another meter while clicking three portals closed. A good strategy here is to maybe try some of the other buttons on your hot bar. The one with the shadowy face looks pretty cool.

Another boss fight? Man, how many boss fights does this event have? Three. It has three. Technically two and a half. Try using melee attacks on this boss. Why the hell not? It couldn't hurt. Besides, by this time you'll have remembered you can Soulstone yourself. Maybe.

Once you've stabbed Dread Commander Arganoth Stephens to death with your sickle looking thing, it's time to take the battle to the enemy. The player is tasked with planting seven bombs in the command ship that's keeping the good guys out, in order to make it stop doing that. The massive NPC army doesn't follow, so be extra careful when hitting the same four or five keys over and over again.

Now it's time for the final showdown. Bad warlock versus Mephistroph. One shall stand, one shall leave the battle early to go be a boss at the update's new dungeon. Just hit buttons til he leaves.

Good old Khadgar teleports the player to safety before the bombs go off, and the Broken Shore is now their oyster. Gather resources to build fortifications and perform world quests for fabulous cash and prizes! Just don't forget to switch back to your rogue or druid before doing so.

Check out the video below for a quick play through the special event. For extra credit, watch the spells on my hotbar activate in an order that makes absolutely no sense.

See you on the Broken Shore!


    To bad most of it is time gated hell don't get me started on the broken shore base building shit' wait 20 days for it to finish then oh no 3 days later it gets destroyed' yeah no.

    Got a nice laugh out of this. And it made me not want to buy the Legion xpac. Thanks for helping me maintain my WoW free existence. I've been WoW-free for 215 days and counting. Hopefully I'll get my one year chip.

      I just resubbed and am bored with it already. I really hate how quickly mobs die and questing just seems a chore :(
      I guess the MMO genre is just feeling really stale now.

    What we've seen so far from 7.2 is a good start. The new dungeon has some interesting boss mechanics I haven't seen before. As for actual stuff to do on the broken shore, it's pretty bare bones at the moment but more content is coming next week. 7.2 is the largest content update they've ever done in a patch...which is probably why they're trickle feeding it to us rather than overwhelming people.

    Did my weekly mythic runs last night, started with +5 lower karazhan, then +7 upper and finished with +10 upper. Haven't run karazhan in months since my group out gears it and man it was nice to be back in there. Definitely my favorite dungeon of all time, although the last boss with Tyrannical hurts!

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