What To Expect In World Of Warcraft's Big Tomb Of Sargeras Update

World of Warcraft gets one of its biggest updates yet on Tuesday, as the Legion expansion's demon war reaches a fever pitch. Update 7.2 gives players a chance to take the battle directly to the demons' front door, when they aren't busy learning to fly, battling through the pet dungeon, or engaging in new PVP brawls.

The key focus of the Tomb of Sargeras update is the Broken Shore zone, the scene of the devastating events that launched the Legion expansion pack, leaving both the Alliance and Horde under new leadership. Now players get a chance to strike back. It begins with a multi-stage Assault on Broken Shore event, which leads to players establishing a base on the Isle.

Players will be able to continue their Class quests in the Broken Shore zone as they farm war supplies to construct benefit-giving buildings. Some demons will drop beacons that summon waves of attackers, leading to a raid boss encounter. Players will also gain access to the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, where I am guessing it's always pretty dark? Sure.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the Broken Isles, players will be participating in Legion Assaults, as the demons up the aggression factor. These special events (which are optional) function sort of like the Demon Invasions that plagued Azeroth proper leading up to the expansion launch, though these will use Legion's world quest system. During these events players will get a chance to participate in three-man assaults against the Legion command ship leading the incursion.

What else? Players interested in flying in the Broken Isles will be able to take on the second part of the quest line to unlock not walking everywhere. Pet battlers will be able to journey into a new Wailing Cavern dungeon built specifically for Pokemon-style pet battles. And, taking a page from Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, every other week will see a different player-versus-player battleground brawl, featuring unique twists on classic PVP battles.

I let my World of Warcraft playing lapse a bit after my first two months with Legion — I wasn't much for the dungeon grind. Sounds like there'll be plenty of new stuff to draw me right back in when Tomb of Sargeras update 7.2 drops next week.

Check out the official page for more details on what's coming.


    got to admit after rejoining the FFXIV community, it's hard to go back to WoW

    as the years have progressed, I've switched from being a server first dedicated raider to just being there for the story and frankly speaking after the initial Xpack launch, everything is story light

    comparitively I have a whole world to discover with FFXIV. oh well maybe I'll come back in 7.3 or something when they finally hit Argus

      No you won't lol you are stuck in Eorza.

        lol I'm not versed in the lore so I'll take your word for it

        I just quickly googled it and it was mildly confusing =p

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