7 Things Fans Are Excited About In World Of Warcraft: Legion

7 Things Fans Are Excited About In World Of Warcraft: Legion
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The upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion, which Blizzard announced at Gamescom today, looks like it will be full of changes and additions people wanted to see in the game. Let’s go over a few of them.

We’re gonna see the Tomb of Sargeras

The Tomb of Sargeras, resting place of the dark titan Sargeras, was always a mythical place in WoW‘s lore. People always imagined this tomb as an epic battlefield, maybe even the setting of the game’s final raid. That’s not the case, but it will be in Legion, and we’ll likely see one hell of a clash between the Horde, the Alliance, and the Burning Legion.

New PvP Honour System

PvP in Warlords of Draenor is a bit messy right now. The wait to get into the level 100 PvP zone Ashran sometimes takes hours and the loot is never worth it. More importantly, it’s just not fun. A completely redesigned system for PvP is really good news. It will use talents designed entirely for PvP, so PvE won’t mess up battlegrounds and PvP. It will be an entirely separate thing.

Illidan and Demon Hunters

The Burning Crusade‘s main villain is back, and he brought the Demon Hunter hero class with him. They look very cool and, for the first time in WoW history, we have a class that can double jump! Demon Hunters basically look and move like Illidan himself.

The Emerald Nightmare

Ah yes, The Emerald Nightmare, the corrupted area within the Emerald Dream. It’s mentioned so much in WoW novels and all over the lore, yet we’ve never been able to visit it in the game. Finally, it will be added, as a raid zone with seven bosses.

Dalaran returns as a neutral hub

World of Warcraft hasn’t had a neutral capital city, where both Alliance and Horde players can hang out at the same time, since Wrath of the Lich King (that’s three expansions ago). Dalaran, the floating magocratic city-state of Northrend, was an awesome place to socialise and it’s really good news they’re bringing it back.

Artifact Weapons

This will be a completely new way of gearing. They’re adding 36 of the most powerful weapons in WoW, like Ashbringer and Doomhammer, all customisable, and with the ability to level them up.

Class Orders and Order Halls

Now this is something totally unexpected. Each class gets its own base in the form of Order Halls. Something like Warlords of Draenor‘s Garrisons. But after the loneliness of the Garrison system, a place shared with other people will be a very positive thing.


    • I’m seriously excited for this, albiet hesitantly…from what I’ve seen so far, I’ll be resubbing, and potentially trying to rekindle my friend’s interest in it too…

    • It’ll be the same as most xpacs. People will come back and try it out. Then drop off after awhile. The pvp change sounds good. I remember some of the raiders I played with complained endlessly that warriors were getting nerfed because tank spec was too strong in pvp. Probably a change that could have been made earlier.

      • levels and talents in pvp based on levels is just bullshit. It’s practically the same shit as system 1 was back in vanilla only with no decay.
        Bad enough pvp was unbalanced in WoD, this will just tip the scales over.

    • I really dont think this matters to them. They make so much money from micro transactions for Hearthstone and Heroes of the storm. Destiny and Hearthstone have made $1bil revenue since they started.

      Honestly think they are just adding content for existing people.

  • Something long overdue is a new hero class. Not sure if I’ll jump back in though, never really had much of an urge after WOTLK, for me Arthas was the big story.
    Should have just made WC 4

  • I started tinkering around in it again recently. Just leveling a paladin by soloing same level old-world instances.

    The game still has a lot of charm. If the leveling experience was harder, I think more people would play casually.

    • *Order Halls are a base of operations for your class. You share them with other players of your class. Only members of your class can enter this area, similar to the Death Knight starting area.

      From mmo-champ

  • adding grind ontop of grind, a renamed garrison system with very little to no social interaction, retconning the lore yet again, forcing players to use one gimmick lore weapon essentially through an entire expansion, double jump (lmao) and yet again moving away from the old world and focusing entirely on a copy paste of Outlands/Draenor…i’m sure as hell excited!


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