The Big Question: The Nintendo Switch

So now you've seen the first impressions, what the hardware looks like, how big it is, what games are shipping at launch and in the first few weeks, and what the guts of the console are like.

The question is: are you going to buy it?

We received a review unit of the Switch this week - me being in San Francisco for AMD's Ryzen shenanigans didn't help - and having spent some time with it in the office, as well as the preview event in January, hasn't really changed my view. I still think it's better viewed as a tablet, or a portable device, than something you play at home and then take on the go.

By that I don't mean you can't or shouldn't play it at home, but it's something that you play at home in bed, at the dinner table, on the toilet - basically wherever you are, rather than being tethered to the TV. I think Breath of the Wild looks a lot better in tablet mode too, but I'll have some broader thoughts on that later.

But what about yourselves? Priced around $469, will you be buying the Nintendo Switch at launch, later this year, or not at all?


    Probably not, I don't have massive commute and I couln't see myself playing the games shown so far at home. It just doesn't fill a role in my day.

    Hey Alex - can you elaborate on why you think it's better as a tablet? Genuinely curious. I would have though, with the same control inputs, playing the same game, it wouldn't really be a factor? I understand it all probably looks nicer on the small screen, but anything other than that?

    I'm definitely on board - but a little worried about hardware durability. Will wait a few months to see if any issues emerge.

    It doesn't really have any appeal to me as a home console, and I've never really used my DS or Vita much except when travelling, and I don't travel enough to justify buying one of these. I wouldn't have even bought the Vita if it weren't for the mountain of games I'd accumulated for it through PS+.

    Getting one this Friday. I have a long train commute so playing on the go is going to be great, and then switching to the big screen when I get home will be even better.

    I'll treat it like my Vita/PSTV in that when i'm at home i'll probably play it on the TV, but when i'm in bed or on the go i'll use it as a portable. Except unlike the Vita and PSTV combo, i can immediately pick up were i left off simply by taking the tablet out, which is a big plus for me.

    With the promise of some good games in the future i decided to pre-order one partly because this is the first time in my life i can afford a console on launch day, but mostly I really want to play Breath of the Wild on the best possible console.

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    Yes, getting one at launch. Will be mostly docked for me as I don't have a train commute or anything. Awesome looking games coming and it can't be worse than the Wii U which I loved anyway. Had some killer games.

    Mine is on pre-order (along with a copy of Breath of the Wild), and I'm planning to pick it up first thing on Friday.

    not at launch, if it came bundled with zelda for $450 maybe. but it's too pricy at the moment and the launch line up is weak. Still worried it won't get enough support like the wii u. Will be a christmas purchase for me most likely. Some people were speculating that it will have a bundle by that point

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      More launch titles than any other console, but it all depends if the games are something you want to play. Last count was 13 launch titles but more were announced in the Nindies video.

        More launch titles sure, but nothing that I'm interested in. I don't particularly like Zelda games, and Bomberman is a bit meh, especially at full retail. I remembering playing a version of it on SNES growing up. Most of the party games I would have played for a half hour and got bored, so they're out. A bunch of the smaller titles I can see are ports of stuff I can play on platforms I already own, so yeah, not really seeing a reason to buy a new console.

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    Nope. The more I hear about this thing, the worse it sounds. Unless they announce some more interesting games, I'm probably going to wait at least til maybe Christmas. Having said that, I have a giant pile of games to play so maybe not...

    Nah, launch titles are a tad weak. Ill wait till Christmas and see how it looks then.

      Yes, BotW is weak... with the 10/10 scores it has been getting...

        Yeah, I pre ordered it on the Wii U.....

        Like I said, the launch line up is week, Ill check what games are like come the holiday period. Hopefully there is a bundle that's worth while.

        That's one game, @hansolai said launch titles

        Plus, I don't particularly like Zelda games, so 10/10 scores mean nothing to me.

          So what titleS are weak?
          I can understand an argument that there aren't many games but saying the ones that exist are "weak" isn't entirely accurate... considering the main title is getting perfect scores all over the place.
          I couldn't stand skyrim but it got amazing reviews so there is no way i could justifiably argue that it's "weak" lol

    Nope. The whole tablet only games scenario will mean an influx of trashy low grade titles, the indie games (low grade games again) announced today and the general lack of AAA titles with the exception of Zelda (which suffers from frame drops when being upscaled to TV). I can't see any positives other than using it as a 3ds replacement (at twice the price) for a long commute for which I don't have.

      I've not read a single thing about frame drops on the TV... Heard it plays smooth as silk unless in tablet mode, where it does have the (very occasional) drop.

    Will I be buying the Nintendo Switch at launch this week? Hell yeah I pre-ordered it a couple of weeks ago because I can't wait until I play The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild I mean what else do you think I should pre-order a PS4 with a PlayStation VR headset and a PlayStation Camera? Microsoft's Project Scorpio? I'm getting my Nintendo Switch at launch this week so I'm looking forward to getting Nintendo's next generation console the Nintendo Switch this week.

      wtf did i just read? i think my brain is melting.

    Yep, it's coming out on my actual birthday, so I kinda felt obligated to.

    Besides that, the launch line-up is fine for me on Day 1. Zelda BotW, Bomberman R and FAST RMX are more than enough to last me until the end of the month, when the rest of the games start popping up.

    It's the first time I've been legitimately excited about a new console launch since the 360, so I'm pretty pumped for Friday morning!

    Yup picking it up Friday, it'll me excellent for my commute for work.

    I want to see what it will be like a year from now. No need to jump in right away.

    First Nintendo console that I'm intending to pass on. I didn't really enjoy too much on the wii and my wii U only received about two months of use. I'll probably cave and buy it at some point though.

    Day one purchase because I love new gadgets. I look forward to a quick round of 1 2 Switch at work to create some organised sillyness!

    Home consoles haven't interested me at all since the GameCube. Maybe it's because they've been exceedingly shit throughout the intervening period. But my 3DS has been a constant source of joy over the past year, and the outlook on the Switch is good.
    I'll probably grab one later in the year.

    im getting one.. because i want to play nintendo games.. hoping they put a pokemon switch in there in the future.. not getting one right now though, i cant justify 550 bucks just to play zelda.

    If I can manage to get one on Friday, then yes. Only want it *now* because of Splatoon 2 testfire in a few weeks, otherwise I'm happy to wait til it has something more than Bomberman to play.

      Oh man, I forgot about the testfires!

      Ima have sooo much stuff to play, this isn't looking good for my backlog at all.

      Fast RMX is worth it alone.

        I'm waiting on that one to see if it gets a surprise retail release down the line like the last one.

    If it ever gets support to watch video files then I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

    Otherwise I'll wait a few years and get one off Gumtree so I can play Zelda

    I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES (though I have played almost all of them at least a little), and unfortunately the Switch doesn't seem to be the one to lure me back. I do wish it the best of luck though, Nintendo needs a good success here.

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