The Hell Just Happened On Dragon Ball Super With Bulma's Baby?!

As previewed at the end of the last Dragon Ball Super episode, this latest one was about Bulma and her new baby. If you haven't seen it yet, don't continue!

[Image: Anicobin]

Because, with Bulma pregnant and everyone gathered nearby, Whis did this:

AND NOBODY FREAKED OUT. Well, nobody in Dragon Ball Super, that is. They reacted like this was totally normal.

Meanwhile on the planet Earth...

In comparison, the fact that Bulma literally named this kid "Bra" (ブラ or "bura", which means "bra" in Japanese) seems pretty normal!

[Image: Anicobin]

I guess it does go with "Trunks"!

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    I would be more surprised at Bulma, after experiencing a pain free child birth she develops the technology to offer teleport baby births for everyone... tie it with time machine technology and you dont even have to wait 9 months... instant baby

    Well Bra is what she was called in GT. The whole family is named after underwear afterall.

      Not even just GT, Last episode of DBZ had a young Bulla/Bra.

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