Australian Maccas Is Getting Those Super Mario Bros Happy Meals

If you have kids, and you occasionally can't be bothered cooking lunch on a Saturday, McDonald's Happy Meals are extremely useful. Cheap plastic toys are part of this equation. Currently, it's Batman themed, which my four-year-old is very happy about. That's cool, but Batman isn't as cool as Mario. Clearly.

And Mario Happy Meal toys are currently what's happening in the US, which got me wondering: will these toys make it to the shores of Australia?

The answer to that question is "yes".

We asked McDonald's locally if they were bringing the Mario toys to Australia. The current plan is to run the Super Mario Happy Meal program in September and October this year.

I recommend the chicken nuggets. Protip: your kids don't notice if you steal one of their nuggets. Works every time.


    Tell me that's fire is coming out of Bowser's mouth.

      i think its a mixture of nuggets and fanta.

        I thought it was McChicken and carrot.

        There's always carrot.

      I think it's confirmation that Bowser is the evolved form of Yoshi

    'Australian Maccas' is a bit redundant isn't it Mark? :p

      Quite tautological. Also, while we're on grammatical tics, "chicken" nuggets is surely a misnomer.

        I believe they are actually chicken in Australia.

    There's going to be a lot of adults suddenly ordering happy meals.

    Awww dammit, for the first time ever I'm wishing McDonalds made vegetarian Happy Meals.

      If it's anything like last time my first comment is stuck in moderation for a while, but all I said was 'Don't they do the healthy choice Apple Slices Happy Meal?'.

        I haven't set foot inside a Maccas for years, so I didn't realise healthy choice Happy Meals were a thing! I'll have to investigate.

          Healthy choice is a stretch :P There's not much vego friendly unless you're a fan of sides and soft drink.

          Sad vegetarian parent here.

      I know I'm late to the party with this message but for anyone reading later: you can just buy the toys without the meal. They're $2 each.

    Batman isn't as cool as Mario

    You're dead to me, @Serrels

    Wait what there's Batman toys there at the moment?? Must get!

    Hmm. Want the toys but couldn't bring myself to eat the food. I guess I could just give the food to someone else waiting in line or just tell them to keep the food.

    I'd like a happy meal, hold the meal.

      We could hide in the bushes outside and mug children/man-children.

    Pro tip: The Maccas POS system has a line item for "Happy Meal Toy", it is possible to just buy the toys without buying the meal. Though I cannot remember the price

      Yeah you can just ask for a happy meal toy & its $2. I do it all the time, like for the Pokémon toys mostly.

      Can you do this through the create-your-taste kiosks also?

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