Dawn Of War 3 Will Have An Open Beta In A Fortnight

Image: Relic/SEGA

Want to try Dawn of War 3 before you buy? You'll be able to in a fortnight.

Signups have begun for the open beta on the official website, with the testing period set to run from April 22 3:00 AM AEDT (2:30 AM Adelaide, 1:00 AM Perth) to the same time on April 25. The open beta won't include everything you'll be able to play with in the full game, but Relic has provided a pretty comprehensive breakdown:

There will be one more closed beta session running from Saturday morning to Monday morning, and Relic's open beta FAQ confirms you'll be able to partially pre-load the content so you don't miss out on any of the data. There's no NDA or restrictions on the open beta, as you'd expect, and all progression will be wiped once the open beta comes to a close.

You can sign-up for the action here.


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