GOG Is Giving The Witcher Away For Free

You can't argue with free.

As part of a deal with Ars Technica (I'm not sure of the whys and specifics) GOG is giving away The Witcher for free. That's the first, original version of The Witcher.

Sure, why not.

Head to Ars Technica for more detail and enjoy!


    Now for TW to be remastered? One can dream.

      They did do an enhanced edition with some hefty engine improvements, but it was only a year after release. A full-fledged remaster could be interesting, though I'm not sure if I'd grab it personally.

    Be warned, this game has the depth of a prehistoric cavern.

    I started in 2013, stopped, played through the entirety of Witcher 2, waiting almost six months to play Witcher 3, and then ended up finishing it in early 2016.

    It's...challenging. I liked the weird isometric camera angle, I didn't play over-the-shoulder. Also the story was CONFUSING.

    My save game file was not ready to go into Witcher 2, so I don't know what happened but I came up against a bloke who accused me of betrayal because of events from the first game; except in Witcher 1 during my playthrough I was siding with him and his leader the whole time. Must have been randomised.

      Started playing at the end of 2008, got to the start of the final chapter this year.

        What was it for you?

        The swamp or did a certain quest completely befuddle you?

        I was stuffed for months.

          I think having a year or two break after each chapter might have done it :P

          That first option did get long in the tooth about halfway through.

    Great game, great story, strange combat system that takes a while to get used to (but is still good)

    I think I got Witcher-something from gog for free a couple of years ago. I wonder if this is a different one.

    It's a great game, though it is unapologetically a PC RPG through and through (2 and 3 got kinda dumbed down a bit for consoles), so if that turns you off it may not appeal. But I liked it.

    It took me three goes for this to click. I bought the first one on a whim for $8 at JB Hi-Fi like two years ago. Everyone was raving about Wild Hunt, but I hate starting a series from anywhere but the start, so I decided to give it a crack. I played the tutorial at Kaer Morhen, started the Vizima Outskirts and hated every minute of it. Six months later, due to a lack of games, I picked up it up again. Barely got through the tutorial that time.

    It wasn't until last year that I finally got it. I don't know what changed in that time, but holy shit, somehow it had become amazing. I cursed myself for not having played it properly sooner. Within a week I'd finished it and bought 2 and 3. Wild Hunt has since become one of my favourite games of all time, but dang; that first game is still something special.

    Yeah, as someone who loved 2 and finally getting 3 off the backlog and loving every second... I still can't stomach the first game in the series. The combat is clunky as hell and hideously uninteresting. The dialogue is awkward and poorly written, and it's trying to be mature (and failing woefully) by throwing in constant swearing - but when it's not it's massive dumps of exposition and your choices are predefined with rationale and in-depth reasoning thrown in to boot. The overall plot by the time you get to the end isn't bad, but... holy hell... it's one gruesome painful slog to reach it. Furthermore, time has not been kind to its mechanical design in terms of gameplay, quest design (that backtracking) or just the overall accessibility or presentation.

    At free, the price is right, but I'd still maintain that the strongest recommendation I can give is for someone to watch a let's play of it. It's like first Assassin's Creed game: you can see the slivers of good ideas in there, but it's just not worth the time investment to play.

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