Look At These Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Dolls

Look At These Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Dolls

Disney and Lucasfilm just announced Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a series of animated shorts showcasing heroic women from a galaxy far, far away. Hasbro compliments the shorts with a lovely line of 28cm “Adventure Figures.” It’s ok to say dolls. They’re very nice dolls.

The official announcement from Hasbro says the Forces of Destiny toys, which arrive in stores on August 1, “bridge the gap between traditional action figures and dolls, opening up a new play experience for Star Wars fans of all ages and genders.” That’s good, because I’m going to be the first person in line for one of these babies:  

Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian artist from Star Wars: Rebels, is one of my favourite Star Wars characters, and she’s looking pretty spectacular in 28cm doll form. The holsters, the helmet . . . the hair:

What an awesome face. In fact, the entire line features some pretty amazing stylised plastic heads. Check out Rey’s freckles.

And this is the face of a character willing to risk it all to recover the Death Star plans.

The next pairing just makes me sad on so many levels. Leia and Chewbacca would have made such a great team in a post-Han universe.

And look at the detail on those costumes. Leia’s wrist things and upper arm padding, the stitching on her vest. Hasbro’s got some pretty amazing tiny tailors on the payroll.

Note that Chewbacca isn’t the only male character planned for the series, with a Kylo Ren also in the works. I bet his hair will be amazing.

Rey, one of the most important characters in the current trilogy, looks to be sporting more than one look in the series. We’ve got Jakku Rey:

And full-on fledgling Jedi badass Rey, shown here with her little droid friend.

The Star Wars: Forces of Destiny doll line will hit stores on August 1, alongside role-play accessories like Rey’s extendable staff and a new electronic Jedi Power Lightsaber, both part of the Bladebuilders system.

“From Princess Leia to Sabine Wren, Star Wars heroines are unique, and we wanted to represent that in the product line for Star Wars Forces of Destiny,” said Jimmy Pitaro, chairman of Disney consumer products and interactive media, via official announcement. “The result is the creation of our new ‘Adventure Figures’ that celebrate the power and stories of these incredible characters and allow kids to recreate their most heroic moments at home.”

Dolls. Dolls. Dolls. I will buy all the dolls.


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