Nintendo Announces The New 2DS XL

Nintendo Announces The New 2DS XL

Just because the Switch can go places doesn’t mean Nintendo is done announcing mobile hardware.

UPDATE: Head here for details on the Australian release date and pricing.

Meet the New 2DS XL. A 2DS, only with hinges. It will be out in July 28 in the US and will retail for $US150 ($201). Australian pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

And it looks… really nice. If this is how the 3DS line goes out, then it’s going out in style.

There’s a black & blue colour scheme in the US trailer above, but the handheld’s Japanese site also shows this hot white & gold number:

Nintendo Announces The New 2DS XL
Nintendo Announces The New 2DS XL
Nintendo Announces The New 2DS XL


  • My 3DS XL is in need of an update, this looks like just the ticket.

    Honestly, if you haven’t got a 3DS, and you aren’t sold on Switch, this is probably aimed directly at you. The library of games is huge, and while the up and comers shown in that ad probably aren’t the best representation, it does show a couple of essentials in there.

  • Whhhhyyyyy?

    Wasn’t the point of the Switch that it would allow Nintendo to focus all its development resources in one place?

    …. Not that the 3DS is drowning in varied AAA titles these days.

    • They did say before the Switch was even released that it would be targetting it as a Wii-U replacement, not a 3DS replacement, and that they don’t consider them competitors… regardless of the reality of the market and consumer expectations.

  • Honestly the 3DS has one of the greatest game libraries since the SNES. The price is a bit.. hmm. Since the new 3DS are 199 and XL 230.. Even if priced at $179 it won’t be that popular as the old consoles are due for a price drop any day now…

    • It’s not the console price that’s the problem it’s the games.

      You’re buying hardware right at the end of its life cycle and even something like Star Fox that’s a launch port of a N64 game will set you back $30.

      All the best games are still at least $50 unless you go to the effort of buying them off ebay.

    • “3DS has one of the greatest game libraries since the SNES.”
      I beg to differ on this.

      • Nah, I agree. They’re on equal terms.

        They both have their games which absorb +1000 hours of your lifespan, both have games with tight controls, amazing music, memorable moments and characters, and boring as hell “why do I even exist” shovelware.

  • Now after sooo many years of the original DS and 3DS, this is pretty much a half gen upgrade DS. With all the iterations it just amounted to a big cash grab, which indeed did work on those who were gullible enough to believe in what Nintendo are doing with their tech.

    • This is just the 2DS version of the New 3DS that came out several years ago. A year or two before Microsoft and Sony had their half-gen refresh too I might add.

      • But it kinda just defeats the purpose of the 3DS when Nintendo made the 2DS. This latest version of the 2DS is probably the most true successor to the original DS. Everyone who bought a 3DS were buying it for the games and hardly anyone got it for the 3D. Most of the time you hear the 3D ate the battery life and people feeling weird from using it. If Nintendo made the jump from DS to this new 2DS XL, it would make sense. But everything 3DS and the iterations is kinda like Nintendo saying, “well the 3DS sold great, but the number of people and games that used the 3D feature was so small it didn’t even matter whether the feature was there or not”. So now we have the 2DS and 2DS XL.

    • Amen, brother. I’d pick this up if my n3DSxl bit the dust though. It looks like it would be a bit slimmer and fit in my pocket better. Although I like the 3D I don’t think it’s a game-breaker not to have it.

  • Blue/black, white/gold. I see what you did there nintendo. Now their advertising campaign just needs to be “is this 2DS blue/black or white/gold?”

  • I tried to donwnload Mario World on my 2ds the other day and was seething that it was XL only.

    Might be worth a pickup.

      • Super Nintendo virtual console games only work on the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, they don’t work on the original 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS. Nintendo have said it’s because the faster processor of the new systems is required for Super Nintendo emulation. So since this new 2DS XL uses the same internals as the New 3DS/XL it should support SNES games but the older systems won’t.

    • Because perhaps people don’t want to fork out $400+ for a hand held console with a sh*t library of games? This is also a cheaper option?

  • I don’t know why, but I kind of want one to replace a OG 2DS. The price is quite offputting though, the entire point of the 2DS was to be a cheap, replaceable device for kids right?

    Incidentally, the number of 3DS/2DS systems is now incredible:
    – Nintendo 3DS
    – Nintendo 3DS XL/LL
    – Nintendo 2DS
    – New Nintendo 3DS
    – New Nintendo 3DS XL/LL
    – New Nintendo 2DS XL/LL

    There’s an obvious hole in the lineup too – New Nintendo 2DS. I wonder if the current 2DS will be stealth updated to the faster processor?

  • I’m going to put it out there and say that Nintendo will kill off the 3D effect and move the 2Ds to replace the line and it be renamed to DS.

  • As pointed out by a friend which I didn’t notice at first – they appear to not have the two external front-facing cameras, which the original 2DS still had. I guess this won’t be coming with Face Raiders or AR Games then?

    Also looks like the speakers are down on the bottom corners. Can’t imagine that’d be too great for sound projection.

  • If the screen on this is better at getting rid of glare than my 3DS, I’ll pick one up. I find the 3DS a little small and have no interest at all in the 3D part of the 3DS, but would love to play some of the games.

    Unfortunately, I can barely make out the screen, even after turning up the brightness, if I’m traveling on the train during the day…

  • As a mother and nintendo fan i think this system is a complete waste of time.

    I saw the lack of hinge as the 2DS’ biggest selling point. If there’s no hinge then kids can’t break the hinge but adding the hinge again takes away from the possibility of marketing it for kids. I would have probably purchased it for my son if it stuck to hingeless.

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