Podcast: What Makes Nier: Automata So Great

From Nintendo's baffling NES Classic decisions to Nier: Automata's greatness, there's lots to discuss on today's Kotaku Splitscreen.

We start off with some brief chat about Kirk's cool Undertale cover (3:37) and some of the games we've been playing including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Dungeon Keeper (10:23). Then, we dig into the week's news, starting with Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic (23:44) and selling nearly a million Switches in the United States last month (29:21). We talk about why we're optimistic for Star Wars Battlefront 2's campaign (34:10), and then Jason disappears so Kirk can talk to Kotaku staffers Mike Fahey and Heather Alexandra about what makes Nier: Automata so rad (42:59). Finally, Kirk and Jason reconvene to talk about The West Wing and answer a listener question (1:00:47).

You can download an MP3 of this week's episode right here.

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    WHAT makes nier so great?

    You can pet your pod by rubbing the DS4 touchpad


    I didn't even realize until I was putting the controller down after getting the platinum and did it by accident

    Guys- you are talking about Nier: Automata and you literally spent almost the entire tome talking about the camera, the map and the interface. I cannot imagine a more spectacular and complete way to fail at talking about what makes this game good than this discussion you've just had.

    Please put more effort into this podcast in the future. In it's current form it is the worst example of video game discourse I've come across in recent times.

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