Quiz: Which Inscrutable Nintendo Business Decision Are You?

Last week, Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic, for some reason. This is far from the first questionable business decision they have made and it definitely won't be the last. Find out which one of these decisions you are in this quiz.


    I got the dropping the headphone jack on the GBA SP. This is quite a silly quiz and gave me a chuckle but the second half final description is cut off for me

      Highlight and copy and paste, you can see the full thing.

      You know what everyone wants out of their handheld console? No ability to plug in headphones in public. The Game Boy Advance SP was a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance. It's an adorable little console that you can't take anywhere. Sure, you could get headphones specifically designed for the GBA SP or get an adapter, but that uses the same port as the AC adapter. As we all know, everyone loves that option.

    I won't buy Nintendo or apple products anymore because of their stupid business decisions. I'm sure I'm not alone.

      I just buy products I like that suit what I'm enjoying at that time in my life. I don't let odd business decisions by the companies that make the things really factor into those decisions.

    Oh, Nintendo. You're like that friend who throws up in your kitchen sink and drops your cake on your birthday. You'd tell them to leave you alone, if only they weren't the most genuinely fun person you knew.

    I got Friend Codes on the Switch.

    I didn't realise Nintendo KEPT that dumbass system for the Switch...

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