After a string of contributions from scree, I returned yesterday with a game that ... in hindsight, I have no idea why I picked it in the first place. It was Silent Service, a submarine simulator from MicroProse in 1985. I remember playing a more modern version of it, but couldn't tell you why it came to my brain.

Unsurprisingly, nobody seems to have particularly strong memories of sub sims released 32 years ago. So to jog your memories a bit more effectively, here's another reader submission from Tri.

Good luck!


    I have no idea. It looks like a glass of water with two slices of meat in it.

      I believe that's the BBQ Soda from the PS2 game, Ar Tonelico.

    Dali and Hemingway collaborated on a game concept before their demise. It was shunned as "commercialist claptrap" by the art world, but gamers lovingly adopted the hodge podge of half-baked philosophies.

    This image is the title item from that game: The Persistence of Soda.

      It seems to be shaking a little too

        That'd be Crichton and Spielberg's influence - they were silent contributors.

    Reminds me of a level from one of the worms games... that or maybe leisure suit larry or something? Dunno.

    Ar Tonelico. An item that was basically a slab of meat in a glass of soda. Apparently it was delicious :)

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