Sorry GTX 1080 Ti Owners, NVIDIA’s Titan Xp Is Here

Sorry GTX 1080 Ti Owners, NVIDIA’s Titan Xp Is Here

What’s that? You just bought a GTX 1080 Ti thinking it would be the fastest graphics card in the world. Well, it’s not anymore. Here’s the Titan Xp.

With 12GB of GDDR5X, 3584 CUDA cores, base and boost clock speeds of 1417MHz and 1531MHz respectively, and a memory speed of 10GBps, the Titan Xp is … well, it’s kind of what you would expect. Having followed suit with the 980 Ti by releasing a GTX 1080 Ti, it made sense that NVIDIA would follow suit by refreshing the Titan X.

Again. The original Titan X was released in 2015, and it got a refresh last year. Now it’s been refreshed again, which is fantastic if you want the latest and greatest news, but it’s also a bit annoying if you paid top dollar for a Titan X card in the last two years.

It’s also a tad confusing: to differentiate between the 2015 and 2016 releases, people started unofficially calling the 2016 model Titan XP (the P being for Pascal, the architecture which NVIDIA’s latest series of cards is based off). There’s no differentiation on the card that it’s the latest line in the Titan series, or that there is more than one Titan X in market:


Images: NVIDIA

Local prices aren’t available yet, but if you want to grab a Titan Xp from the NVIDIA store internationally it’ll set you back $US1200.


  • My god Nvidia has sort of f***** over its enthusiast buyers. This is the same die they used originally with the New Titan X, just with all the cores enabled and faster memory. On top of that, this is another SKU that OEM’s and retailers won’t be able to sell.

    Nvidia, this might be fine whilst your in the lead, but if that ever changes, you might find yourself very lonely from the rest of your distribution channel.

  • I was surprised to see this so soon after the 1080ti, but can’t say I feel like I made the wrong choice. Given the RRP of the ti is 699USD, and the fact I paid just over 1100AUD for my ti, I am in no way disappointed in my decision. No way in hell I’d be paying 2000+ for that. It’s only got 1GB more memory than the ti, and memory speed is only 0.4 faster (11Gbps for ti and 11.4Gbps for xp) and it has exactly the same boost clock (1582MHz). Has a couple of hundred more Cuda cores, and overall memory bandwidth is only like an extra 60Gbps. I fail to see how that could possibly be worth double the cost.

    • The 1080ti is a far better buy than this. Hell you can almost buy 2 for the same money and with the 1080ti you have options of other 3rd party cards with better overclocking potential, better cooling, better looking, cheaper prices. None of that choice with this one.
      I just feel bad for friends who bought the Titan X(pascal). Cards value is now shit because a 1080ti is better and now this extra kick in the dick that Nvidia were indeed holding back the full GPU. They spent that big money on having the fastest card for a generation, and that didn’t even last 6 months before it was beaten twice by the same company.

  • There was a time when I used to spend thousands on GPUs, I’m so glad it’s over for me now. My RX 480 yields really decent frames at 1080 and I’m quite happy with it.

    Even when I was a student, the top of the line was still within reach and held up for a while, it’s just absurd these days.

    The higher the price tier for a GPU, the lower the install base. No game developer is going to really design games with these specs in mind, it just runs the same games designed to run on mainstream GPUs even better.

  • I don’t think its really ‘sorry 1080ti’ buyers so much as ‘hey fuck you Titan X(p) buyers’. Only pretty dedicated enthusiasts buy a US$1200 card. They got kicked in the balls once when 4 months later they launch a faster card for US$700 making their cards second hand value immediately take a dive if they did want to upgrade, and now they get kicked in the balls again with the release of the ‘full fat’ version of what should have already been a ‘full fat’ gpu. This should have been the initially released Titan X(pascal). Now confuse the market, it was bad enough that they released 2 cards called the Titan X, but the community sorted that out by referring to the newer one as Titan XP. Now they go and actually release a Titan Xp. Genius Nvidia. You sure hate your most dedicated customers.

    Hopefully this just means they’ve got wind of what Vega is bringing and the price drops and new top tier card are because its performing very well. Need that high end shaken up.

  • The nVidia Titans haven’t been gamer focused cards for awhile; they are a cheap professional workstation card that just happens to also be good for gaming and so attracts that specific niche market that need a cheap workstation card but also want to game. The current top end nVidia workstation card is the Quadro P6000 which is selling for $7500-$8000.

    A big pat in the reason why nVidia were able to make some pretty big ground on AMD mostly from the GTX 7xx line was because nVidia started cutting out non-gaming (not an accurate description as those features can have benefit now in the DX12/Vulkan atmosphere) related computational ability which was a much bigger fuck you to some people than most would realise. The result was people needing their graphics card for work purposes having the Geforce Titan as their minimum buy in; and for gamers nVidia would release the Ti version which would be nearly identical to the Titan but with those extra computation features cut out.

    The graphics card wars between AMD and nVidia have been dirty but nVidia have been the dirtier of the two.

    I know my spelling is funky…but when nVidia were first coming out that’s how people would spell it and I guess it stuck with me.

    • They used to be a cheap workstation card, until they gimped double precision like the rest of their gaming cards.

      The Titan’s are halo gaming cards, otherwise they’d be called Quadro’s or what not else (and priced accordingly).

      (Side note, AMD, even with its consumer line of cards, do not gimp double precision – if you want a ‘cheap’ professional card, you will have a much better experience with things like Autocad with an AMD card if you need to do it on the cheap without splashing for a Quadro\FirePro).

      • Oh I didn’t realise they castrated the pro workstation properties of the Titan line as well now.

  • This should be disgusting for all Nvidia buyers . Some who did not buy a titan xp say ooooo that’s what titan xp buyers get .. well it’s not right how Nvidia f$$k us over and they didn’t even try to hide it .. they did it in our face i own two titan xp now they come out with a new one after I pay 1200 each for them .. this is bull s$$t . All I no is they hurt them self bc the next time they make a new card when the pascal gets old no one is gone jump to buy it .. and the sale will be slow .. all that first week money they was getting won’t happ on the next card they make bc nobody wants to get fu$k two times .. if you look at it they fucking us all the way around .. when they mak a card they can put all the power in it the first go round but no they .. just look at it like this you got one big jar of power and you take some of it and put it in one card now you make the same card put a lil more power in it .. all they doing is making money off the jar of power that they have by dividing it up

  • while everyone agrees that the ti is a better solution
    this is the first card to possibly not dip below 60 4k… max settings
    (also take that with a grain of salt I know games that would punish any card such as life is feudal, shroud of the avatar, gloria victis, ARK survival….)

    also dont get this cooler… serious just dont… only get it if you gonna strap water to it.

    • I’m not having any issues with my 1080ti dropping below 60 at 4k. Granted, I haven’t tried ARK or the other games you’ve mentioned, but I’ve tested out a significant number of games, including Unreal Tournament (running on the same engine as ARK) and I’ve never seen it dip below 100fps on max settings.
      I agree, that there would no doubt be poorly optimized games that would likely cause it to do that, but in my experience so far, I haven’t had any issues with any games I’ve thrown at it, and that pleases me to no end 🙂

      • ohh dont get me wrong I can get my Titan X doing 150fps at 4k if I tweak stuff or play older games

        enjoy your beast card!

        • its all relitive to graphics settings/whats going on in screen/graphics power

          I think designating a certain fps at a sertain interval in game is a bad idea because it fluctuates for one and also godrays might be disabled which give extra 20fps in some games

          • Indeed it does fluctuate. Thankfully I’ve yet to come across anything that has caused mine to drop below playable levels, but I’m sure there’ll be something eventually.
            As long as it stays above 60 throughout, I’ll be happy! 🙂 So far the only thing that’s even dipped below that, was when I ran the unigene heaven benchmark at 1080p. For some reason, that dropped to like 30fps when it was switching between scenes at one point, but strangely, running it at 4k, the fps didn’t drop below 60! No idea why it performed worse at 1080p, but I haven’t had any weird hits like that while playing any games so far 🙂

          • with a beast machine… you should be able to run 2 or 3 games / different ones or just separate shells of same ones

            and still lock 60fps

          • haha yeah I likely could. I have no need to run more than one game at a time though. I live alone luckily, so I don’t need to share with anyone. There have been times in the past where I’d leave a game running while I played something else, but usually it was because I was waiting for something to happen. Not actually playing any games like that atm though.
            I do often render 3d stuff while I’m playing though, which can impact on performance depending on how I decide to do it. There’s plenty of options for tweaking that though, like limiting how many cores it uses etc.

  • I was actually expecting this card to have 24gb memory or something. So yeah this is a filler rip off type product, perhaps NVIDIA is just making sure VEGA doesn’t beat it? could be another 3 months before we hear news about 1100 series cards. Nvidia was claiming 20tflop range for those….

    Also about the max settings at 60fps thing, that isn’t quite true as new games come out with new extreme settings or performance issues… I doubt it can do that with the latest Deus Ex, which is a hugely unoptimized game.

  • I was actually expecting this card to have 24gb memory

    This! Considering it’s supposed to be the next level beast, it should have significantly more memory. Having the same amount as the previous Titan, and only 1GB more than the ti just seems like a waste. I mean, sure, most games aren’t likely to even use all that memory right now, but I honestly expected this would be way OTT like when they announced the original Titan!

  • I purchased a 1080ti because its an amazing card and it will also last several years. It still flaps flacid c**k over the Xbox scorpio and the PS5.

    I feel sorry for the people that paid £1200 for a Titan X……..and then Nvidia decided to f**k them with a 12″ dildo and introduced the Titan Xp for the same price. I was thinking how Nvidia could have messed with titan owners after they introduced the 1080ti for almost half the price….. I will not be trusting them again…last gen I bought x2 titans….you know when they mattered and lived up to their name.

    My purchase for next gen….no idea…..i would love it not to be Nvidia

  • I have 2 Titan X (Pascal) in SLI. I am selling 1 and giving the other to my son. I just install 2 Titan Xp in SLI. The performance difference is only noticeable in benchmarks. So if you have a Titan X (Pascal) or a 1080ti stop complaining about the new card.

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