Video Game Hero Punches Cow Into Pieces

Video Game Hero Punches Cow Into Pieces

Today on Highlight Reel we have exploding cows, breakdancing gangsters and broken robots!

Watch the video then talk about your favourite highlight in the comments below. Be sure to check out, like and share the original videos via the links below.


  • Holy shit, some Saboteur action. man if only it hadnt been rush out and pandemic being close ( fuck you EA for the millionth time)

    • Couldn’t even see it first time round, adblocker blocked it. I don’t know why a site would ever use anything but YT (although this vid is on YT, maybe this is just a weird embedder?)

      • a potential attempt to stop us using adblocker, maybe all future content will come done this way so we have to deal with their crappy ads?

        • Because Allure (and assumedly, Gawker) are clearly not making enough money off the deluge of new “Partner Content” articles about smashing rocks with your hands or amazing electric men from India. 😐

      • Yeah, I won’t be unblocking it, whatever it is. Youtube already has a perfectly functional embed mechanism that does analytics, I’m not going to dick around with some third party player.

    • I check Kotaku during my lunch break at work, and add the Highlight Reel videos to my Play Later playlist so I can watch them at home on my TV.

      So I guess that’s me done then. :/

  • A 4m20s video on 20/04 … All that was missing was a four and twenty pie for Illuminati confirmed.

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