What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As much as I would like to be testing out my new mouse as much as possible, the sad reality is that I'm still sans a reliable internet connection at home. And then there's this one other thing.

With the Switch, Zelda, Horizon, Andromeda and Christ knows everything else in between, it's been a ridiculously busy month. And one of the things that has contributed to that is the launch of AMD's Ryzen CPUs, which has stirred up plenty of interest in the PC space.

I've been running a set of benchmarks over the week with three Ryzen CPUs. One of the games commonly used, which you can see above, is Ashes of the Singularity. I've not actually taken the time to run through the Ashes campaign, or the Escalation expansion.

Other than that, I'll be attending an event in Sydney's Spawn Point featuring a bunch of Australian podcasters, streamers, Youtubers and the like. I'll just be going along as a spectator while supporting my partner, but if you're there, say hello! It's on Saturday and will broadcast on Twitch, if you'd rather watch from home.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Almost done with Breath of the Wild. Been playing it on the Wii U and it's done quite well. Once that's done I've got Horizon to play and also the Witcher 3 GOTY edition sitting in my Steam library begging to be played for 100 years.

    Megadimension neptunia vii, mayybbe finishing yakuza zero.

    Drawn to Death. Was keen to check it out but struggle to get a game. This weekend will be the test. What ive played of it has been fun so far but I reckon it will be very short lived.
    Ill finish GOT and hopefully Deadpool and chuck in some For Honor and Overwatch.

    I've found myself drawn into Diablo III again now that consoles have seasons so I'll probably be playing that and trying to get a rank that doesn't have 5 digits. I just don't have the time to try and get anywhere near the top of the leaderboards. There'll probably be some VLR as well since I got motivated to pick it up again recently. I also want to check out the latest Future Tone DLC too...

    I'll be playing Card Wars (the analog version) and Armello

    Bought Persona 5 this week, my first ever Persona game. This is the wackiest inventive shit I've played in years. Shakes up the standard structure of a JRPG with a calendar system which makes how you spend your time matter, and touches on some pretty dark subject matter despite it's appearance. I've already spent 20 hours on it somehow and I've been working all week.

      When you are finished that, go out and get yourself a Vita and a copy of Persona 4 Golden (available now on PSN for $7.55). You can thank me later :-)

    Just bought Yakuza 0 in the PSN sale, so looking forward to making a start on that.

    Travelling sans Switch as its with Nintendo atm (screen starting coming out the right hand side) so ploughing through Bye Bye BoxBoy and some other long-neglected 3DS games.

      Wow, sucks about the Switch. How did the screen start coming out?

        I'm not sure, was playing Zelda on the couch last Sunday and noticed it was starting to pop out along the right-hand seam. It had a bit of flex and that was enough for me to send it back. Now (im)patiently waiting for Nintendo to and give their verdict :/

    Finally just finished Shadow of Mordor, then polished off Ryse: Son of Rome in a couple of days after downloading it as the free games with gold game.

    So now its time to go back and finish Witcher 3 GOTY... or maybe Fallout 4, Dishonoured DE, FarCry Primal, Just Cause 3... the list goes on!

      I'll be knocking over Ryse this weekend; played thru 1-to-halfway-thru-4 of the chapters last night. Then Thimbleweek Park! *THEN* eventually my plate will be a bit clearer to be able to devote all my time to Zelda, haven't wanted to start it til I feel a bit freer.

    Horizon Zero Dawn - I'm enjoying it so much! Love setting traps for machines and then springing them. Love the atmosphere and the scenery. Love the open-world exploration.

    Doing a second playthrough of Stella Glow to get the true ending.

    For the first time in a month, not Zelda! I am so fricken keen to get into Nier Automata. God damn man, the way the people who have played it talk... I have to know!

    Ploughing through Alan Wake. I waited for such a long time, since the original announcement, to play this game. It's an experience flawed by its desire to be a game and to engage with the millieu of games language. There is enjoyable play in there, somewhere, and elements of the narrative aren't horrible.

    So yeah, I'll be dredging my way towards an ending.

      I enjoyed it and played all the expanded content as well but If you asked me why it was good I couldn't tell you.

    I was thinking of finishing off the main story in Yakuza 0 ... but ... BotW ... can't stop playing ...

    I'll be continuing my Andromeda play through of course, maybe with some BF1 if my terrible internet connection is up to it.

    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - highly addictive. Got my first duo chicken dinner last night with a mate, looking forward to getting one with the group.

    Horizon Zero Dawn. Maybe the last Hokkaido episode of Hitman as well.

    Hopefully i can Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn this weekend and then get started on Nier Automata

    Been giving my wii u another chance. Did wind waker this week which was great (never played the gamecube version so new to me), halfway through new mario u atm then have toads treasure tracker and the twilight princess rerelease. Botw got me to plug the wii u in again.

    D3 season 10

    get my free gear set for my monk which I've never leveled before

    Mopping up in Horizon Zero Dawn on the way to the Platinum trophy

    I'll be playing a mix of Witcher 2, The Witness, and possibly some new games (waiting for the humble monthly bundle to unlock later today to find out what I'll be getting!)

    Zelda, and a bit of Zelda, and a little more Zelda, probably.

    I also just bought Blackwood Crossing, so I might have a run of that for a change from the above.

    Andromeda is waiting in the wings.

    Cranked out ol fallout 4 as I dropped it aftrr finishing the story despite having all the dlc. Started a survivor difficulty game and must say it's alot more enjoyable.

    Suddenly settlements matter as does food and water and stuff like getting sick and having to raid hospitals for antibiotics or ingredients to bree my own speaks to my inner post apocolyptic :-)

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