Do You Use The Switch More In Docked Mode Or Handheld?

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Earlier this week Patricia wrote about her experiences with the Switch, which over the past couple of months she has predominately used as a traditional console. It's interesting to me because my experiences have been the complete opposite - I've used it almost exclusively as a handheld console.

The orthodoxy says that the more you move around, for work or leisure, the better value the Switch becomes. And there's certainly a joy to being able to make long train rides, like the Shinkansen or a trip down Sydney's south coast, disappear with several rounds of Mario Kart or Snipperclips.

But the small size of the Joycons actually works really well for families, too. Maybe not so much for Mum and Dad, but definitely for children, which helps the Switch take over the role of the Wii U/Wii nicely.

What about yourselves though? For those who bit the bullet on grabbing a Switch, what's been your primary configuration? Do you use it more as a handheld, or in docked mode?


    Docked for me. Mostly because I use the Pro Controller and when I am playing (often at the end of a long work day) I really don't want to be mobile.

    I read Patricia's article and the stuff in there was great, but I kept meaning to ask for more info on exactly how Aussie Switch owners go when using buses, or trains, or even planes.

    I picked up my Switch during time interstate, so to set it all up and be off to the races straight away (even though I had a television/other consoles already handy) was a bit surreal at first.

    The plane ride was quite long, but I had a Cygnet charger (JB Hifi flogged a lot of these during the Pokemon Go madness) and plugged it in before I turned on the Switch. Almost four hours later, it still hadn't used up the charger's juice and the internal battery itself was still obviously at 100%.

    Upon return, mostly docked, but that's because introducing a new console into one's entertainment unit ecosystem is almost like bringing a new pet home. It's looking very nice and comfortable, but I still have not had time to actually get back to games on it. I have only done one Divine Beast in Zelda and am taking my sweet time.

    Both. I haven't taken it out of the house but it gets used docked when im in my study and handheld when im playing on the couch while watching some average tv with the girlfriend

    Both. Docked at home, portable when I'm out ;)

    Bit of both for me, BUT, recently had 5 days in hospital, and being able to play Zelda and MK8 was literally the stuff of dreams. So happy with my purchase

    I use it out of the dock, but not exactly "hand held". I don't use the joycons separately OR connected to the switch. I have the Switch screen resting on the couch while I use the pro controller. I find it much more comfortable this way as the Switch is too awkward for me to hold with the joycons connected to it - width being an issues. The joycons are too awkward to hold on to individually as they are too small for my hands. I've tested the Switch in the dock, it's ok BUT I can't connect to the wireless network, yet I can do it in hand held mode despite being in the same room (strange how that works!).

    I haven't been flipping back and forth like I was with the Wii U. Although I think it stays docked because I don't want the dock to scratch the screen.

    mostly handheld, because i like to game while i watch tv with my partner.

    Portable during the week. Docked during the weekend. Normally try an play a few minutes in bed before sleep. And I'm only dropped the Switch on my face once.

    About 50 /50 for me. I don't take it out of the house much, but even when at home, handheld is so darn convenient.

    I've surprised myself at how much I've played it in portable mode, and not just away from home.

    I prefer it docked - but I rarely get the TV to myself at home. So usually in handheld mode on the couch while Netflix is streaming.

    I was going to joke "neither" in that I've not used it all... but stopping to think about it, that's probably the most accurate answer. Of the little I've played so far, the most I've played is undocked but not in handheld mode.

    Handheld seemed to be the best for playing Splatoon since it's the closest to the Gamepad form factor, but the joycons are garbage so I don't know that I'll actually be playing much that way. Pro controller is god-tier so unless they release a set of joycons that are Wii U shaped (or I manage to muster up the motivation to whip up a mod myself) I'll be playing using that and that alone for the vast majority of things.

    Mostly undocked, either on the couch or in bed. I do dock it when the battery runs low, and if I want to keep playing at that time, I will play thru the big screen. But a lot of the time I'm playing while watching some TV.

    Co-op Snipperclips was mostly on the big screen too, tho a few levels played in "stand" mode in the kitchen when we wanted to keep playing while making dinner.

    I generally play it docked. My 7 year old son plays it mostly undocked anywhere he can.

    Mine has barely been used in docked mode in the 200+ hours I've played it.

    Docked for me. I can't bring myself to remove it and scratch the screen. Also i just grab my 3ds when i go mobile.

    Apart from the installation, I have yet to play any games on my TV. I've played over 110 hrs of Zelda and 10 hrs of Mario Kart, entirely 100% handheld. Can't see myself changing to docked any time soon.

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    Undocked. Mostly at work on lunch breaks or in bed of a night while my girlfriend does whatever it is girls do on their phones. I bought a Pro Controller and I think I've used it twice. I do plan to go docked once I take on one of the Devine Beasts, though (40 hours since launch day and still not even thought about them).

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