The Nintendo Switch Outsold Every Other Console Combined In Japan Last Year

The Nintendo Switch Outsold Every Other Console Combined In Japan Last Year

Nintendo sold a lot of Switch consoles in Japan last year. Like a lot — 5.3 million, to be exact. The Switch was easily the best-selling console in Japan in 2021, beating out the PlayStation 5, which didn’t even crack a million units. In fact, you can add up all the other consoles sold in the country, and you’d still be below Nintendo’s massive 5.3 million units.

All of this data was collected by Famitsu between December 28, 2020 to December 19, 2021, and recently shared with The Switch numbers combine Lite, OLED, and original Switch hardware sales.

Here are the top five best selling consoles of 2021 in Japan, according to this data:

  1. Nintendo Switch – 5.3 million units

  2. PlayStation 5 – 942,798 units

  3. PlayStation 4 – 103,786 units

  4. Xbox Series X|S – 95,598

  5. Nintendo 3DS – 28,224

Far behind in second place was the PS5, which nearly hit a million sold but was about 60,000 short of the number. The PlayStation 4 only sold about 100,000 consoles, which is somewhat impressive considering how old the machine is these days. Then, you have the Xbox Series X/S which didn’t even sell more than 100,000 consoles in 2021 in Japan. This isn’t surprising considering how poorly the Xbox has sold over there since the first one launched 20 years ago. But at least it outsold the Nintendo 3DS! That’s…something.

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As of November 2021, the Switch has sold more than 92 million consoles worldwide. That makes it the second best-selling Nintendo home console of all time, after the Wii, which currently sits at the top with 101 million units sold. Considering how popular the Switch continues to be as we enter 2021, the success of the OLED model, and rumours of a new, more powerful unit in the works still, it’s likely that around this time next year, the Switch will overtake the Wii to become Nintendo’s most successful home console.

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