Everyone Can Now Play Gwent

The open beta for Gwent, CD Projekt Red's standalone version of The Witcher 3's card game, starts today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In my time with the closed beta I found the game to move a little too fast sometimes, but overall it's a richer, deeper take on the minigame my Geralt lost all his money on.

Learn more or sign up over at the website. You can see the gameplay trailer above, but the cinematic trailer is pretty cool too:


    Simple question. Will it be better than Hearthstone for casual players?

      Never played Hearthstone, played the Gwent Private a bit, was enjoyable. Has a single player story thing

      I've not played Hearthstone, but one complaint I hear - decks being full of Legendary cards - is averted in Gwent, as you can only have 4 Gold cards & 6 Silver cards in a deck.

    Started Gwent just tonight
    It seems really good so far, but the paywalls/microtrans are pretty standard
    In saying that, you can pretty much do anything in game if you invest the time doing daily matchmaking
    The mechanics are a little more sophisticated than Witcher 3 Gwent
    If you are looking for a more fleshed out Gwent, this is for you

      After dipping my toes into the matchmaking, record is
      0w 1L 1D - 2W by forfeit (bad connections by opponent)

        Connection problems seem a bit of a worry, hopefully that's either player-side problems or they sort it out before release.

    I don't know, I thought I'd be up for this, but in part due to the 'extra mechanics' and loss of the 'traveller meeting players here and there' stuff that the main game offers, maybe I'm missing its allure.

    I signed up to the closed beta and tried it for only a weekend or so when I was finally let in. Maybe I'll give it another go. I wish CDPR well here though, love those guys.

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