Infinite Warfare's DLC Maps Are Great, They Just Never Show Up

The $US49.99 ($67) season pass for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets you four map packs with four new multiplayer maps each. What it doesn't guarantee is that these new maps will actually come up in multiplayer matches online. In my experience so far, playing a DLC map is like finding a unicorn.

You can own Infinite Warfare's first DLC package Sabotage, released on January 31, and play for hours and hours and never see any of its maps pop up in the rotation. This is a huge shame, because this pack has some really nice multiplayer maps: Noir is a night map in a futuristic Brooklyn setting, but I've personally only played it once since the Sabotage DLC was added into the regular rotation.

Continuum, the 2nd map pack released on April 18, can currently only be played in special playlists devoted to Continuum maps only. Put simply, if you want to play the four most recent DLC maps, you have to play a Team Deathmatch or Mixed game mode playlist that only rotates those four maps.

So everyone who purchased the DLC and wants to play the Continuum maps must replay the same four maps over and over. Also, there's a struggle even finding matches within these special DLC Playlists, especially if you're a night owl, because the player base dwindles down lower after dark.

Infinite Warfare's outer-space setting "didn't resonate" with players, Activision said earlier this year, noting that sales of the series had taken a downward turn. Unlike previous COD installments, Infinite Warfare doesn't tell you have many people are actively playing the game at any time.

But while last year's entry Call of Duty: Black Ops III is on Steam's current top 100 playlist, Infinite Warfare is nowhere to be found. And players also have the option of playing Modern Warfare Remastered instead, this year. So it does seem like a smaller group of people is playing the latest Call of Duty, and only a subset of those players is buying the DLC, enough to make the maps quite rare to be found.

The Continuum map pack will arrive on Xbox One and PC on May 18, and there are still two more map packs to be released this year for Infinite Warfare across all platforms.

The DLC can be obtained via Season Pass or purchased individually for $US14.99 ($20) each, but at the moment the map packs don't feel like much of a deal unless you really enjoy slaying the undead on the (fantastic) Zombies maps "Shaolin Shuffle" and "Rave in the Redwoods."

I agree with Reddit users like soldier4hire75, who asked for a permanent "DLC playlist" where these maps could be enjoyed on a regular basis. Otherwise, if you've recently purchased the content and haven't viewed the Sabotage DLC maps yet, you'll likely need to visit them in a private match with friends.


    Titanfall 2 has released over 4 new maps, for free, and they regularly show up in normal playlists.

    and in a couple of months they'll release a new co-op survival mode along with a new set of Titans. For free!

    This has been an issue since day dot for any of the DLC structures that separate the haves from the have nots.
    In plain and simple terms it ain't a good idea to separate your player bases.

    Sounds like they aren't popping up because most people aren't paying for them.

    This is the exact same thing that happens with any Mulitplayer DLC release. Especially maps. It fragments the userbase. Leading to a reduction in players. What usually happens is people play the DLC maps for a week or two. But eventually drop out due to matchmaking taking forever to find matches. So they go back to the base game. Leading to even more people not playing DLC maps. Essentially making the DLC maps a waste of money unless you buy them immediately on release.

    I saw this very thing happen with the Battlefield 3 DLC. A lot of servers had the DLC but eventually dropped them from the map rotation because players preferred to play on vanilla map rotations.

    I'm gutted. I wish i'd read this article a week ago. Since buying a season pass for Infinite Warfare last week, I've only seen the teaser of Sabotage maps on entering a lobby, only to be dealt a non DLC map in the next game. Never yet having the luxury of playing a map i've paid for...

    Then Continuum, possibly the most ironic title given to a DLC pack, ever! The ghost town that is the Contiuum server may as well be switched off. I've managed to muster 2 teams of fellow combatants in a week, having walked away from a searching lobby board for up to 30mins, like I did my cassette read Amstrad Spectrum 2 in 1992.

    I deleted the game and reinstalled it, thinking it may have been a bad download... No. Gutted.

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