Puyo Puyo Tetris Is Delightful, Even When You’re Losing

Puyo Puyo Tetris Is Delightful, Even When You’re Losing

While I still haven’t gotten the hang of Japanese puzzle classic Puyo Puyo, I’m pretty good at Tetris when I concentrate. Recording a Kotaku Plays video is not a good way to concentrate, but I don’t mind losing when I get to share the colourful sights and spirited sounds of Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Out today for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, Puyo Puyo Tetris is a combination of two of the world’s favourite drop puzzle games. Players can launch matches of either or both games directly from the opening screen, or dive into story mode, online multiplayer or splitscreen multiplayer for up to four.

Watch me play through a story mission and try my hand at a little multiplayer in the video below. My performance isn’t pretty, but everything else is.

Ignore my playing. Focus on the bright and welcoming graphics and the lovely arrangements of “Korobeiniki”, the Russian folk song better known as the Tetris theme.

While the game’s story mode, which tells the story of two puzzle-based worlds merging into one, alternates between Puyo Puyo, Tetris and mixed battles, in multiplayer players can opt to pick their poison. When in doubt, go with what you know. Or accidentally pick Puyo Puyo and get decimated by a very good Tetris player.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a bright and welcoming game that’s as good on the TV screen as it is on the Switch tablet. You might not be a master of both games — hell, you might not be a master of either — but that’s fine. This is a lovely place to get started.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch better people play Puyo Puyo on YouTube.


  • I don’t get the love for this and that Bomberman R game. Is everyone just really starved for Switch games?

    • I haven’t heard all that much love for Bomberman, but everyone’s been going mad for this.

      Bomberman’s been kinda disappointing for me, nowhere near as good as I’d hoped (though I love the cutscenes, they’re hilarious). Over the weekend I checked out the demo of Blaster Master Zero (finally got put up on Friday) and holy crap that thing’s cool! Wish it’d take the place of Bomberman on my shelf, would’ve had something to use my Switch for all this time.

      • I will have to look into the demo.

        I enjoyed Bomberman 64 but never really played any others. From every trailer this one looked pretty rubbish to me so I skipped it. From what I hear, a lot of people jumped right in and then had second thoughts.

        I tried the demo for this Puyo game, played half a game and it’s just not for me.

        • Pretty much exactly what I said too. And kinda the same with Bomberman, though I loved the absolute crap out of Wario Blast back on the Game Boy. That thing saw me through car trips all over the place.

  • Shhhhhhh! Everybody “knows” that the Switch has NO games and whatever few it has are worthless shovelware or tired ports. With the Switch undeniable successful adoption rate and general positive reviews, that little “fact” is Nintendo-haters very last strand of validation to cling to.

    • Well, this one is still a port too, and of yet another three year old game. Though to be fair the original release was only in Japan, this year’s its first outing to the west.

      The Switch still doesn’t have any worthwhile games that can’t be had elsewhere though, and that is a fact. Whether you want to shrug it off as “Nintendo haters” or not.

      • Hmm, I concede the point, but is games exclusivity such an important point? I mean, yes, you can have BotW and Mk8 in the WiiU, but people are buying the Switch to play these games. The tiresome sneering complaint that rolls around is that the Switch has “no games” besides BotW. That is something that definitely is not a fact.

        • You do realise that “no games” is not meant to be taken literally, right? 😛

          It is an important point if you’re looking for a reason to buy a Switch. I mean sure, if you don’t have any of the platforms that already have these games then it makes sense, but if you can already play everything there is to play on a Switch without having to shell out several hundred dollars on top of the cost of the games, then it doesn’t seem like a very wise purchasing decision. I mean that’s basically the reason I’ve always bought Nintendo machines, because they have games I can’t get anywhere else. If it doesn’t do that, then I don’t see how it really offers any compelling reason to buy it.

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