Well, it seems Scrumptatoes' game was a little too unrecognisable for people. It was Forbidden Siren 2 from the PS2, which was apparently touch obscure for everyone.

Let's see how everyone goes with today's game.

Good luck!


    That was my guess as well so I'll go with Ducktales instead

    @scree got the forbidden siren -taku on day one, @zombiejesus comfirmed it yesterday with a screenshot. And specifically said forbidden siren 2 if there were technicalities.

    Not sure how both those were missed. Just sayin'...

      I'm completely ignored! \o/ Wait...

        Who said that?

          I guessed Forbidden Siren the first day. Zombie Jesus said it was Forbidden Siren 2. We were discussing it, as I'd never played the second, but Alex seemed to miss the convo =P

            All good scree, I've got your back.

              Technically, i got it wrong. ZombieJesus got it.

              it was Scrumptatoes that drew it

              Last edited 26/05/17 4:05 pm

            My joke attempt fell flat. Never mind. :)

            It was a good get!

              Oh, don't mind me. I've got a cold and my brain hasn't been working for the last three days

                Bleugh. Get well soon scree!

                  eh, already getting better so, I'm happy

      Never mind, misread something.

      Last edited 26/05/17 2:10 pm

      Yup, @zombiejesus got it yesterday.

      @scree got painfully close the day before but missed the vital '2' at the end.

        I'm sorry! D=

          Try harder next time :p

            But...I didn't like forbidden siren 1! u_u

              There is absolutely nothing about its awkward control scheme to not like.

                it was more that I set my screen to the correct brightness and then got stuck ont he tutorial levelb ecause I couldn't find the door...due to the doorway being too dark. I managed to get to the third level, but I got so stuck that I was frustrated. Ended up never playing again

                  Sorry, missed *all* of this. I will promptly recognise Zombie next time around!

                  I died a few times huddled behind that truck because I couldn't figure out that I needed to be in the building - didn't want to step into the open.

        There was a building?

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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