And to think people thought they had Scrumptatoes' game from yesterday. But you didn't! Our guest ScribbleTaku has survived to a second day, and Scrumptatoes kindly provided a second drawing to help you all along. Can you guess the game this time?

Here's the first hint:

Good luck!


    Resident Evil ?


    Is it Dreadout? I have no idea

    One of the Resident Evil shooting-gallery style games?

    Tetris 2.

    Or Siren.

      Or, if you want to be super specific, Siren 2/Forbidden Siren 2 is the game that screenshot is from.

        I never played the second one as I had a lot of difficulty with the first one

          To be honest, I never played either of them. I googled 'games like Fatal Frame' because I was sure it was one of the camera-based horror games, and the source image came up. So pure search luck on my part, I think you deserve the credit for this one.

            I believe the first one had a male protagonist. Threw me off

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