So scree's second drawing got knocked off eventually as well by Scrumptatoes. It was the first Project Zero, or Fatal Frame depending on what territory you got the game from. Well done, mate.

I'm back doing the drawings today. Let's see how you go.

Good luck!


    It's from the into of an Ultra-sonic song. Check 1 2. Can you hear me out there?

    I've obviously walked into the middle of a long conversation here.
    I see: a picture that makes no sense, and a dialog equally cryptic.

    Some links to the reference material would have been nice - reduce the "WTF?" factor.

      Scribbletaku is a daily game where they put up a hand-drawn picture around midday each week day and you have to guess what video game the picture is from. The text in the article is talking about who correctly guessed yesterday's picture and what the answer was.

      That was exactly what I used to think, and then one day, I knew the image.
      All responses today are cryptic or joke answers, as we all have no idea! Keep on watching and you'll get the vibe mate. It's good fun!!

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