Splatoon 2 Is Getting A 'Game Card Free' Package Version In Japan

Nintendo has announced three different retail versions of Splatoon 2 for Japan. The download version comes with a game case, but no game card.

[Image: Nintendo]

According to Nintendo, there is a standard Splatoon 2 package version, which comes with the game case and the game card. Then, there is the Splatoon 2 download version, which will look something like this and contain a download code:

There's also a third type that Nintendo is calling "Splatoon 2 Game Card Free Version". This comes in the same game case as the package version, but instead of a game card, it contains a download code:

[Image: Nintendo]

Nintendo says this is recommended for players who don't want the physical card, but do want the game case.

All three versions are priced the same in Japan: ¥6458 ($78.34).

Looking at the Japanese My Nintendo Store, none of the other Switch titles have this "Game Free Version".

[Image: Nintendo]

It's an interesting decision and seems closer to the way PC games are released at retail. No word if other regions will get this Splatoon 2 "game card free" version.


    You know what I would like Nintendo?

    The Splat 2 Switch Bundle! You know the one announced Japan and EU will be getting but for some reason Aus gets shafted from getting coz reasons?

    Yeah I'm salty about that anouncement =/

      That's why I'm not buying a switch yet because there are no bundles in New Zealand the only plus is that the switch is region free so we can buy games off the USA eshop

        Ditto to both of you, I thought Splatoon 2 would be where I got on board with a decent bundle, but I'll just keep on waiting.

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