That's A Good Looking Pikachu Train

[Image: JREast]

Since 2012, the Pokémon With You train has been making kids happy in Eastern Japan. Now in 2017, it's time for the train to get a makeover.

Over the years, Japan has seen various Pocket Monster trains, including a Pokémon-covered bullet train.

Originally, the Pokémon With You train was inaugurated to help lift spirits in some of the regions hit hardest by the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The train departs from Ichinoseki Station in Iwate and ends at Kesennuma Station in Miyagi.

Below is the previous design.

[Image: Mutimaro]

Inside, looked pretty sweet!

[Image: JREast]

[Image: JREast]

[Image: JREast]

According to IT Media, the new design (see top photo) will roll out July 15, and the inside is getting refurbished, too. 

[Images: JREast]


    Looks awesome! Also, refurbishing a train after five years? Mate that's about fifteen years too early by Queensland Rail standards ;)

    Surely the correct title for this post should be "That's a good looking Pika-choo-choo"

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