The Newest Horizon Patch Is Good

The Newest Horizon Patch Is Good
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We expected the improved photo mode to be the best thing about PS4 hit Horizon Zero Dawn‘s new 1.13 patch. It is.

Sure, you can now sort your inventory better and de-clutter the game map so that this:

Can look like this:

That’s nice, but nicer is that you can pose Aloy in the game’s improved photo mode to create goofy shots like this:

Note the lack of a headpiece. Aloy usually wears a skull hat as part of that outfit, but the new patch lets you take the headpieces off. Good, because some of them don’t look that great.

But, again, it’s the improved photo mode that’s the star of 1.13. Pause the game, access photo mode, and you can edit shots. Thanks to the patch, you can add new filters and even change Aloy’s facial expression. Witness, for example, our hero in the “joy” pose, first with no expression and then with a “pure” one. What a difference!

(Note: You cannot change the facial expression of the game’s rampaging beasts. Maybe next time?)


  • Am glad I still haven’t finished this!

    Declutter the map!? Yes pls!!

    More photo mode options? *Heavy breathing*

  • Got the platinum a couple of days ago. Still good to see the after-market support from GG. Well done! Looking forward to future endeavours 🙂

    • I wasn’t able to get the platinum yet. I got stuck on the “all allies joined” trophy. I’ve done all the side quests and errands and nothing popped when I went to do Looming Shadow? Do you reckon its fixed?

      • Not sure if it is necessary, but I made sure that when I started the Looming Shadow Quest, that I went to both the optional objective spots and spoke to everyone there that had joined me after completing the side quests and errands.

      • When you say you’ve done all side quests, have you checked that there aren’t side quests that didn’t appear on your quest list? I say this because some of the side quests are linked to exploration and I only got some of them quite late, by checking on my map where I hadn’t fully explored. For example, I got all the Tallnecks, which revealed the map, but I hadn’t visited a couple of settlements, which held side quests.

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