Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Will Make Photo Mode Even Better

Horizon Zero Dawn already has one of the most robust photo modes out there, but a patch landing next week is going to expand on its functionality even more.

Aloy, hiding her head gear

According to the PlayStation blog, Horizon's patch 1.20 will add more poses, facial expressions and filters, among other things, to photo mode. Here are the rest of the patch notes, which outline the tweaks and features coming to Horizon soon:

Added a "look at the camera" mode for Aloy

Added "greetings from" cards

Improved the camera controls

Added the option to hide Aloy inside settlements while in photo mode.

Added a sell stack option at merchants when double tapping the square icon.

Added filters and a legend to the in game map and the quest map.

Added several new custom HUD options.

Added an additional blue health bar on top of the player's health bar whenever the Shield Weaver Armour is equipped to indicate the amount of extra health points the armour is providing.

Added difficulty setting components to the Shield Weaver Armour's damage protection. On hard mode the armour received a 40% armour reduction, on very hard the armour received a 66.6% reduction.

Added the option to hide headgear for Aloy.

Added the option to categorise and sort your inventory.

Added categories in the crafting menu

Green check mark for categories that are finished

White icon for categories that have recipes that can be crafted

Grey icon for categories that have no recipes that can be crafted

Added the feature in the Sell menu at merchants, you can now press triangle to mark one or more items to sell items quicker.

Added gameplay time to the statistics menu.

Changed the timing of some tutorials that were repeatedly displayed, they are now less frequent.

Added the option to control the x and y axis sensitivity of the camera.

Added Spanish language support for North American copies of the game. Spanish subtitles can now be enabled, and Spanish audio is also now supported via a Spanish VO pack that can be downloaded from the North American PlayStation Store (in the week of 8th May).


    Added the option to categorise and sort your inventory.

    I'm most excited about this one.

    Added a sell stack option at merchants
    Now there's the REAL hero of the patch notes.
    Added the option to hide headgear for Aloy
    I spoke too soon. THAT'S the patch-notes MVP.

    Inventory management was my only issue with this game, it is officially 10/10 for me

      Completely agree. I've 100%/Platinumed the game so I won't get to enjoy the improved inventory. Desperately waiting for DLC.

        Just do another run but this time on hardest difficulty only using basic weapons/outfits and no mods.

          One day. I'm trying to tackle my pile of shame. Currently loving Uncharted 4.

      I agree, best console game I've played in ages. Inventory was the only minor gripe I had with this game. I love how my daughter knows the names of the different machines as I go hunting them, such a fun game to play and watch.

    Where's the option to sell rock bundles?!?!

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