There's Never Enough Fire Emblem Cosplay

Cosplay by Beke | Photo by Beethy

Here's a very good Tharja (from Fire Emblem) by Aussie cosplayer Beke. Photos by Beethy.

Cosplay by Beke | Photo by Beethy

Cosplay by Beke | Photo by Beethy


    very good cozplay.... aussie crew too boot!

    Boingy bits!

    Please tell me someone gets that reference...

    Kotaku Editor: "Quick! We need something will click on for more page views!"

    Kotaku Writer: "How about pictures of a half naked woman?"

    Kotaku Editor: "Nope. That'll never work!"

    Kotaku Writer: "What if she's dressed like a mildly popular video game character?"

    Kotaku Editor: "Print it now!"

      Yet we all clicked it. And we all clicked it for the same reasons.

        And I regret nothing.

        I wanted an assortment of characters being cosplayed.

    I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies.

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