Ubisoft’s Next Year Includes Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 And South Park

Ubisoft’s Next Year Includes Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 And South Park
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Today is Ubisoft’s annual earnings report, which means it’s time for a big update on what the French publisher will release over the next year. Ubisoft is promising four big games: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew and South Park.

Image from Assassin’s Creed

In a press release, Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot said: “Over the last three fiscal years, Ubisoft has — with remarkable success — created numerous new brands and rebooted Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon… In 2017-18 we will see the exciting returns of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew and South Park. In 2018-19 we intend to pursue our digital transformation and consolidate our new business model, which is much more recurring and more profitable and is now significantly less exposed to new releases.”

We know a fair amount about these four games already, but just to refresh your memory:

Assassin’s Creed is set in ancient Egypt, as we reported back in January 2016. We’re hearing good buzz about this one.

Far Cry 5 follows last year’s Far Cry Primal. I heard a few months ago that it’s set in Montana.

The Crew is an open-world racing game that launched in 2014. This will be the sequel, The Crew 2.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is the sequel to Stick of Truth and was originally slated to come out last December before it was delayed to 2017.

We’ll likely hear a lot more on or around E3, as Ubisoft has also confirmed that it will be holding a presser on Tuesday, June 13, at 6:00AM AEST.


        • It’s 66% positive on Steam, there are certainly worse games out there that got sequels. Side note, that rating is higher than Dynasty Warriors 8.

        • Can I be the 9th?

          It wasn’t the most realistic game but I loved The Crew because it was fun to dick around. A lot of us oldschool arcade driving lovers felt burned by Need for Speed when it first came out (before a lot of patching) and this was a great alternative in a massive open world to dick around with friends. Its not everyone’s cup of tea, but once you finished story mode the events and the expansion made it so much fun.

    • The Crew is the only car-driving game for the PC that I haven’t been able to get working with my wheel. Sure it’s an old Logitech G25 but that doesn’t seem to worry other older games. And no I’m not going to spend hours stuffing around with configuration files trying to get it to work. I eventually just gave up on it.

  • So basically…
    Assassins Creed(again.. most likely poorly made with no new mechanics and an increasingly uninteresting storyline)
    Assassins Creed facelift with far cry models and exactly the same gameplay mechanics except with guns.
    And Ghost Recon Wildlands adaptation! … Actually just another Assassins Creed(who can deny that Wildlands was just AC with the Tom Clancy name?) but with cars and bad cops – nearly had you there right?

    Sure its their engine and its just good business to re-skin what they have for other games, but when the games are 80% identical to every other game they have created, everyone may as well just purchase assassins creed.

    Here is the gist of how you play Ubisoft games – incase you missed it.(apply genre that best matches the type of character you are playing)
    Do a set number of missions to unlock an area – the following tasks may involve: listening/hacking/interrogating/killing/stealing/racing
    Fast travel to points you’ve unlocked along the way – but may only be unlocked after doing a sub-mission
    Collect items to craft objects or upgrades for your character/car/inventory/weapons
    Assassinate/kill/race/hack the boss of each region to progress in the storyline

  • I’m interested in seeing more of South Park, but I’d love to see some Rayman or something new. Maybe a remastered original Rayman? Or a new Rayman 3D? Or a new Splinter Cell would be good.

  • Umm
    Forza 3 is for PC
    I bought it and so did my mates cause the Crews MENUS are FUKING SHIT HOUSE
    So yeah, why crew 2 ?

  • But like, do you guys have any more, new, real knowledge on AC? Because there’s soooo much shit all over the reddit right now, but most of it’s probably fake, sadly (some of it does sound pretty cool).

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