UNIQLO Got Some Real Nice Nintendo Shirts

In May, UNIQLO are going to be selling a whole ton of new Nintendo-themed T-shirts, some of which are hot as hell.

Each one was designed by a fan, and the overall winners — judged by Shigeru Miyamoto — were awarded prizes like cash and signed Switch consoles.

The overall winner was a red shirt with a giant Mario on it which, eh, it's fine. But I want to be buried in that Animal Crossing one.

The shirts go on sale in Western UNIQLO stores on May 19. You can see the complete collection below.


    Sorry but that Animal Crossing one is kids sizes only...

    I suspect I'll be buying the Magikarp and Boo ones, though the Kirby one is pretty cool too.

    I'm actually a little disappointed with the range of designs. I clicked the link expecting to be heading into UNIQLO to pick some up but nothing really grabbed me. I think I'll probably still pick one up because 'I <3 Nintendo' but I doubt I'll wear it.

    Any word if and when these tees will come to Australia?

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