What Games On PC Do You Play With A Controller?

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If you talk to any hardcore PC fan, one of the things they will eventually tout is the "superiority" of the mouse and keyboard. But there are plenty of gamers who, for various reasons, don't or won't play games on PC unless they're using a controller.

Earlier this week I saw a video of a top 500 Mercy player in the United States, a player who exclusively plays Overwatch on PC with a controller. I imagine it's a familiarity thing: a mouse is easy as buggery to use if you grew up with it, but far less so if the N64, original PlayStation, Xbox et al. was your gaming hub of choice.

There are plenty of couch co-op games on PC, of course, that are built around the controller. Driving games are infinitely better with a controller than a keyboard, for obvious reasons. The one that surprised me was Elite Dangerous: I found it a little more comfortable flying around with an Xbox controller than I did mouse and keyboard. It was probably a matter of not having finely tuned the controls enough, but as someone who loved the pickup and play nature of Freelancer, the work Frontier did for controllers was pretty exceptional.

What games on PC do you play with a controller - and are there any you play that most people would ordinarily use a mouse and keyboard for, like Overwatch? Let us know!


    Anything 3rd person i'll play with controller - its just better. And Racing.
    1st person, MMO, etc ill play with kb and mouse

    FPS is keyboard and mouse and some 3rd person - depending on the type of third person it is.
    controller for everything else.

    GTA V was interesting as it was the first time i would play with KB and M AND a Controller.

    driving with controller is so much easier for me in GTA (although ive got significantly better with practice on KB + M now). sometimes ill start driving with controller (and flying, oh dear god of games, flying a helicopter in GTA V i need the controller) and if enemies come up ill flick to the keyboard and mouse so i can drive and shoot and then for escaping ill drop back to the controller. i like that the seamless-ness is only limited to my reaction speeds. they did a good job on that game for sure.

    i mostly use keyboard and mouse on my PC just personal prefference but there are a few games i have played and still do play with controller.

    American Truck Simulator - easier with analog controls from a thumbstick
    Yuka Laylee - just feel more natural playing that with a controller
    Saints row 3 & 4 - just felt better with a controller.

    i wouldnt play and fps with a controller though that would just feel to clunky.

    its just personal prefference.

    Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor, and...... Farming Simulator :oD

    Almost any game that prefers analogue controls that isn't FPS.

    PC isn't king because of mouse and keyboard, it's king because you can use mouse and keyboard AND controllers.

    In GTA5 I used mouse and keyboard for weapons and controller for vehicles. Controller was straight up not good enough for shooting, and keyboard is just as bad for driving.

    It's not too impressive that healbeam Mercy can be top 500 with a controller. Let's see Widowmaker or McCree get up there with a controller, then I'll be impressed.

    Controller if possible.

    I tend to get sore wrist/rsi using mouse now.

    Besides, it lets me lonunge back in my PC chair and relax instead of being cramped in front of display annd keyboard.

    Games currently and recently with controller which you you would not expect:

    World of Warcraft
    Diablo 3
    Guild Wars 2
    Elderscrolls Online
    (**Keyboard/Mouse for interface/gui only)

    Other with built in support:

    Witcher 3
    GTA 5
    Grim Dawn (some keybord/mouse for interface)

    Some I play mouse and keyboard and they are ok as they are not 'twitchy' plus conttoller just would not work.

    eg Factorio

    Starcraft is now alomost a writeoff except in short sessions.

    Tomb raider, hitman, rocket league and any platforming I usually play with the ps4 controller. I play overwatch with a mouse and keyboard but when I want to lay on the bed and play I'll switch to the controller (don't shame me). Most gaming I play late as relax time so I like to lay on the bed, keeps the missus happy too

    Pretty much any game that lets me. Been a console gamer since the mid 80's and just find controllers more comfortable than a keyboard and mouse (though I can still play games with a KB&M when I have to).

    * "Rocket League" (Multiplayer)
    * "Track Mania²" (Offline/Online)
    * "Assetto Corsa" or" NfS Shift" or "Dirt 3" or "F1 2013"(Racing)
    * The "Dark Souls" series 1-3 and "Nioh"
    * "Borderlands 2" (FPS)
    * "GTA 5"
    * "Nidhogg" (Minigame)
    * "Mortal Kombat X" (Fighting Game)
    * "Cuphead" (Sidescroll-Shooter)
    * "Metal Gear Solid 5"
    * "Okami HD" (Japan)
    * "Batman Arkam"
    * "South Park the Stick of Truth"
    * "Witcher 3"
    * "Portal 2"
    * "Don't Starve" (Survival)
    * "Binding of Isaac"

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