What's The Best Fruit?

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Something truly amazing has happened in our office, something worthy of celebration. After a brief hiatus, the wonder that is fresh fruit has returned. But when you have access to all the fruit, what's the best one to choose?

I've had a strong affinity to berries, particularly mulberries. For whatever reason, they were in plentiful supply amongst my family when I grew up. They were quite tart, something I've always enjoyed. I also enjoyed eating lemons fresh as a kid, so that actually now makes a whole lot of sense.

Mandarins are the best snack: non-greasy, enjoyable in small bites, and doesn't go turd brown if it's left out of a fridge for more than an hour. Bananas aren't bad either, and as I've discovered from Rae at Gizmodo, also great for drawing on.

But what about yourselves? If you had a choice between any fruit, what would you go for?


    I mean there's just no contest, it has to be mangoes. But they're a bit messy and sticky, so plums, nectarines and peaches come next. Kiwi fruit, apples, good oranges and mandarines are hard to find but sooooo worth it if u do. Now I'm depressed because stone fruits are out of season. ?

    Fresh figs.

    Juicy, drippy, plump, delicious figs. Stuff em with blue cheese, or wrap em in prosciutto, or just nom an entire punnet of them. And wish you had a fig tree.

    After figs? Berries and stone fruit are a tie. Then sharp, acidic apples, and finger lime. And grapefruit, but don't tell my doctor.

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