What’s The Best Pancake Topping?

What’s The Best Pancake Topping?

Image: Itadakimasu Anime

It’s Pancake Tuesday again, which means it’s time to agree that dried fruit is awful and bacon is actually amazing.

The office has a habit of making pancakes (or pikelets) every year to mark Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday, which plenty of offices around the country do. It’s a great little event, and it’s also a great chance to see what kinds of toppings everyone likes.

Speaking of which: someone brought salted caramel sauce in this morning. Amazing choice. Not for me, mind you.

I grew up with large, pan-sized pancakes, covered in jam and honey and rolled up. Toppings were pretty minimal, and we never went the lemon/sugar route. Plum jam was always the champion, although as I’ve gotten older I’m gravitating a little more towards syrups, bacon, a bit of fruit, that kind of mixture.

When it comes to toppings, what’s your preference? Not dried fruit, obviously, because that’s awful.


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