What's The Best Pancake Topping?

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It's Pancake Tuesday again, which means it's time to agree that dried fruit is awful and bacon is actually amazing.

The office has a habit of making pancakes (or pikelets) every year to mark Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday, which plenty of offices around the country do. It's a great little event, and it's also a great chance to see what kinds of toppings everyone likes.

Speaking of which: someone brought salted caramel sauce in this morning. Amazing choice. Not for me, mind you.

I grew up with large, pan-sized pancakes, covered in jam and honey and rolled up. Toppings were pretty minimal, and we never went the lemon/sugar route. Plum jam was always the champion, although as I've gotten older I'm gravitating a little more towards syrups, bacon, a bit of fruit, that kind of mixture.

When it comes to toppings, what's your preference? Not dried fruit, obviously, because that's awful.


    Fresh lemon and raw sugar wins for me every time.

      Beat me by minutes.

      When I don't have lemons around, I'll use an olive oil based spread so the raw sugar has something to stick to, but lemon is the better option.

      You're so desperately close to being right but the correct answer is fresh lime and raw sugar.

        I'm now going to have to go home, make MORE pancakes, and then realise I forgot to buy a lime, and make even MORE pancakes tomorrow to confirm.


        That actually sounds delicious, trying it next time.

    First they have to be super thin like a crepe and anything but sugar and lemon in the wrong answer.

    Butter, bacon, grilled banana, maple syrup.

      Oh my god now I have to go and make pancakes.

        Do it! It's Pancake Tuesday! You still have 12 more hours!

    I don't do bacon on pancakes.

    Maple syrup and whipped cream, yes.

    If I'm feeling fancy, I've done bananas flambe'd in benedictine to go on top. It's very good.

      Here's the thing though. Maple syrup plus bacon is such a killer combination, you could eat it on anything, including pancakes. Or a burger.

    Fat & fluffy with real maple syrup not that weird imitation stuff. A scoop of icecream is preferable but failing that butter works

    Bacon, Eggs (I like fried with runny yolk in this case) and Maple syrup, add a little cheese if feeling adventurous

    Although sometimes I just love some pancakes with nothing but butter on them

      Interesting. I LOVE bacon and maple syrup, but I can't stand maple syrup anywhere near my eggs, so I gotta go for one or the other and on a pancake, maple syrup is always the victor.

    When I was a kid, Milo was amazing - spread thin on super-thin pan-size pancakes, rolled up, the steam melts it into a kindof nougat-texture. Eventually outgrew that in favour of the lemon+sugar classic. For smaller, thicker pikelets, strawberry jam and whipped cream is the best.

    Maple syrup or jam. Lemon and sugar is good as well

    Hmmm, maybe a berry compote with some orange and grand marnier clotted cream ice cream.

    I'm horribly basic and probably going to die of heart failure before I'm 50, but butter, butter, and some more butter.

    Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Topping, Fresh Whipped Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.

    If you're not using huge wads of maple syrup, cream and ice cream, you've very likely made some poor life choices.

    Bananas? Lemon? Holy cow what is wrong with you people, who hurt you? While I do love my maple syrup (the real stuff), the true classic for me is butter, then raw sugar, then rolled up and eaten like a hot dog.

    Heaps and heaps of butter and maple syrup... imitation! I was raised on the cheap stuff and when I finally got to try the real thing, it just didn't taste "right".

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