Off Topic: Pancake Flavours

Today’s Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Tuesday. And given that I helped my better half make some blueberry and maple syrup pancakes last night, I thought it only apt to ask: what types of pancakes do you like?

I grew up with pancakes as a family staple, but we were never the cream/butter/maple syrup kind of family. Ours was more rolled with various types of jam, or honey. Never peanut butter – that never seemed to be a thing, but definitely plum jam, apricot, strawberry/raspberry, that sort of thing.

Today the office had a decent spread:

What you won’t be able to make out from that is the small ones towards the right of the photo. They had nutella in the centre – absolutely gorgeous.

But as an adult, I’ve always had a soft spot for pancakes as a celebration, a treat. I often like them at the end of PAX, a double or triple stack with butter, maple syrup and not much else. Nice and simple, like the photo indicates.

How our tastes change over time.

How do you like your pancakes, and what do you like on them?

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