All The Australian Times For Every E3 Conference

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It's almost E3 time, and you know what that means: getting up real early and getting real wired on coffee. But it's hard to do that without knowing when the conferences are on. Fortunately, we've got you sorted.

Things officially kick off on the Sunday with EA's E3-that-isn't-E3 conference. We're expecting to see a lot of Star Wars at the show, including Battlefront 2 and hopefully some gameplay from whatever Amy Hennig and co. have been working on. It'll be chock full of sportsball as well, with EA hopefully showing off exactly what FIFA on the Switch looks like.

Times are a little more reasonable on the public holiday, with Microsoft kicking off in the morning and Bethesda having their turn in the afternoon. It's back to a regular, nightmarish schedule from Tuesday though: the PC gaming show starts at 3:00 AM Sydney time, with Ubisoft an hour later and Sony beginning around lunch time.

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What E3 conferences are you interested in this year?


    Has the Bethesda one been pushed back 2 hours? Last time i saw a schedule posted you had it starting at 12pm on Monday for Sydney.

      From memory there was a small schedule change for them.

      I was wondering about this too, I keep seeing two different times for it :/.

    Perth WA AEST? Is that a mistake?
    Edit: times look right but the timezone is wrong

    Last edited 07/06/17 1:42 pm

    So would Destiny 2 be during the Sony spot?! PS thanks to whoever put this together, time zones hurt my head, even with a calculator

      I think you'll see it multiple times: one for Project Scorpio, a small slot during the PC gaming showcase, and the longest segment during Sony's presser.

        They won't show it on Scorpio, Sony has the marketing deal

          I wouldnt be suprised if we get more Destiny info at Blizzcon this year too ( Blizzard did allow Curt Shilling to promote Kingdoms of Amular back before it launched)

    I'm keen for the PC and PS4 shows, as that's all I play nowadays. My Xbone has been in the box since we moved to Melbourne earlier this year, and it was solely a Netflix box for 3-4 months prior.

    I'm dubious about Scorpio, but happy to be convinced if they've got some dynamite up their sleeves. Having said that, I don't have a 4K TV, so it may well be redundant...

    Ubisoft logo is all messed up too. Not your fault tho.

    Why put the cities and not just the time zones?

    If people are too dumb to know what timezone they're in, hence you've put a reference city, then the same argument could be used for Brisbane and Melbourne people not understanding wtf is going on. Or anyone for that matter who doesn't live in Sydney but is in the AEST.

    Yes I'm at work, and yes I'm bored and hungry.

    CA will be at the PC Gaming Show with Total Warhammer 2, and i reckon monolith will be there as well with Shadow of War. My dream however would be for rockstar to appear and announce RDR finally comming to PC and also announcing RDR2

    Looking forward to the Nintendo conference. The Switch needs to prove it's more than a Zelda machine.

      Have you not noticed all the neo geo games, 1-2 switch, arms, puyo-puyo tetris, minecraft, mariokart, Fast RMX, I am setsuna, disgaea 5, NBA, lego city, has been heroes, Bomberman, binding of issac, and not to mention all of the upcoming games including skyrim, DBXV2, redout, dragon quest heroes 1&2, Super mario odyessy, shin megami tensei, octopath traveller, and more.

        I certainly have noticed all of those. Besides Zelda and Mario Kart (neither of which Is exclusive) there isn't a single top tier game available. Snipperclips is fun, but it's not going to shift units.

        I love the Switch, and it has great potential; but without Zelda it would have been a total financial flop.

        A handful of great first party titles (I'd settle for Wii U ports) and a robust Virtual Console offering is all I'm asking for.

    Yay... god bless the queen(s birthday long weekend) and arvo shift. I can actually watch these pressers.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the NZ times. Kotaku Australia is our Kotaku as well and often only says prices in Aus$ and times in AEST. Hope this is a new trend :)

      I try! NZ pricing might be a bit tricker because that's separate regional pricing and you get to use your own currency on Steam. But I'll try and have the NZ timings as often as I can.

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