Watch The Microsoft E3 Conference Here

Hopefully by the time the conference kicks off, you guys will be able to watch the Microsoft conference on this very page. But if you guys are having any issues, click here for the official live stream or head over to GameTrailers here.


    video unavailiable in aus...

      If it doesn't work - just click on through the link. Microsoft may have messed up the embed. Sorry guys!

    looks like its time for hotspot shield :D

    yay! it's here, It's now Christmas for the next 72 hours

    Has this thing started? It tells me i cant view from this location, and the link is giving me the same 3 min video over and over.

      Han't started yet.

        It's 12 mins late!!!!!


          I think they're using this time to fire whoever spilled the beans on Halo

    Gonna be streaming this on Gametrailers methinks.

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